The following are the current characters in the Comic.

Name: Alena-921
Information: An android pleasure slave, or rather the head of one, that survived the destruction of Twilight City.
Name: Chris Panic
Information: A rising star of the lucrative Neo-Gladiatorial Games. Cocky yet skilled, his Power Fist is capable to dispatching foes much larger than he.
Name: Cynthia Saturn
Information: An elite soldier in Sin's army, she can kill without remorse... which has led to many emotional instabilities, and an obession with Eric Magus.
Name: Eric Magus
Information: The ever vigilante, ever resourceful, and ever bored Wasteland Patrol Officer. He used to be the best of the best, till he was fired that is.
Name: Frye
Information: Mysterious assassin who's beauty and skill are only surpassed by her sharp tongue and angry disposition. Icey and Emotionless, a killer.
Name: Morgana
Information: A mutant woman with deadly psionic power and a malevolent will to use each deadly power in her arsenal on a whim.
Name: Prototype
Information: Not much information is known about this strange being. What is known is that it is not human, the rest is up to speculation.
Name: Silus
Information: Frye's employer, a shady fellow who gives Frye her targets and provides the necessary information. His boss is unknown........................
Name: Sorgon Hesperax
Information: Global Terrorist and Destructor Extraordinare. His mechanized armies have laid waste to numerous cities throughout the entire planet.
Name: Tim
Information: Underling of Sorgon, the extent of his power is unknown, though he does command respect within Hesperax's ranks........ though he is a toadie.


Supporting Cast

Name: Andrus Drugotti
Information: The pure bred mutant Mayor of Vinthrall City, he was the former mayor of Sin's Army till misconduct charges forced him to resign. Known for his rage, he is not a friendly person.
Name: Felicia Fairfield
Information: The Megastar Mayor with locks of gold and enough talent to easily outmatch any performer of her time. She found herself drafted into politics and soon wound up as mayor of Nubia City.
Name: Guy Stark
Information: The richest industrialist on Sin, his corporation deals in numerous fields of robotics, sciences, and even medical. Currently his company is working the creation of mechas capable of combatting the Watchful Eye.
Name: Ida Tong
Information: The eldest member of the Council of Mayors, she rarely speaks, and her city, Sol Celestia, was the first to be laid to waste by the mechas. Afterwards she suffered a mental attack, but is fairly stable nowadays.
Name: Karin Cotter
Information: The mayor of West Mentat, she is usually quiet in groups, but in the spotlight, she is a PR machine. She is well loved by the public in general.
Name: Lars Arkadies
Information: The calculating mayor of Sol Luna City, Lars is a stoic, but most consider him robotic to the heart. Needless to say, he is not known for his compassion.
Name: Lee Miller
Information: The Genius Mayor of Destin city, which was the 2nd to be destroyed by the Mechas. His skill of invention is virtually unsurpassed.
Name: Manny
Information: Chris Panic's agent and the closest thing he has to a friend, he's part mutant, which is obvious by his hair and skin color, and his apparent lack of a nose.
Name: Dr. Matthew Livinson
Information: A genius in the field of genetics and mutation. He works with the government in developing projects in those fields.
Name: Mobile G.U.N.N
Information: The SWAT teams of Sin, a Mobile G.U.N.N officer is the best of the best at taking out anyone who opposes the law.
Name: Patrolman
Information: The Armored cops of Sin, they handle the day to day problems in the vast cities that dot the planet.
Name: Riley Sanders
Information: The aging Mayor of Twilight City. He is reverred by the masses for his flawless character and almost grandfatherly figure. He is leader of the council and most respected of the group of Mayors.
Name: Roe Hasandi
Information: The half mutant, half human mayor of Ver'dinada city, also known as the City of the Sea. Roe is a cunning leader with a temper that almost matches Andrus'
Name: SabreClaw
Information: A mutant fighter new to the Gladiatorial games. His weapon of choice are the extendable power claws.
Name: Ty Helendi
Information: An enigma of sexulity and gender, Ty Helendi rules Starla City as the Las Vegas of Sin, and is proud of it. Known for her? liberal tendencies and views, she? is well loved by her? citizens.
Name: Watchers
Information: The Foot Soldiers of the Watchful Eye, terrorists that have been trained to carry out the orders of Sorgon Hesperax himself.
Name: Xao Hartung
Information: The spirtual light of the world, Xao is the priest turned politcian of East Mentat. Loved by many, hated by others, his conservative views enabled him to get elected in the first place.
Name: Xarthor Metzger
Information: The hacker Mayor of Entron City, and firm disbeliever in haircuts, his city was the third to be laid to was
Name: Xen-87652
Information: The very first android Mayor of Vertigon City and Sin as well, Xen has the full rights of any citizen of Sin. Known best for his pure logic and intelligence, Xen is well respected by his fellow Council members.




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