This section is a summary of what has happened so far in the comic, for those of you who do not have the time to scroll backwards through the strips to read.
Chapter 1 - The Gathering
The nights in Entron City were the bleakest of all the ruined cities of Sin. There was hardly any life left amongst the fallen buildings and the muddy streets. Rain cascaded down causing some ponds to form amongst the rubble, but amongst the rubble a blue figure out. The figure was not human, perhaps it was a mutant, it was a confusing thing to behold. Whatever it was it was careless, and had stumbled through numerous sensor buoys set up throughout the city, and so it was not long before the Wasteland Patrol Officer, who was on duty at the time, named Eric Magus, arrived on the scene to encounter the creature. Before he could even start his investigation, a mecha who had followed him to Entron City got the drop on him with an intent to capture or kill him. After a short battle, the mecha caught hold of the Patrol Officer, the pilot of the giant robot was revealed to be his Ex, Cynthia Saturn, who was out for revenge over a certain broken promise.
Meanwhile, in an unknown location, a woman is visited by a mysterious man known as Silus. The woman, Frye, is revealed to be an assassin or hit woman of some kind, and has been contracted to take out a certain someone. Getting dressed, she reads the note, and prepares to make the hit.

On the lucrative entertainment district of Twilight City, a match between one Chris Panic and Mutant Beserker, Sabreclaw is taking place. The fight is largely one sided as the gladiator Panic dishes out devastating hits with his Power Fist, downing his opponent in just two punches. The crowd cheers on into the night as the games conclude in the Twilight Dome.

Lured out of her Mecha by Eric Magus' promise, Cynthia Saturn's enraged attitude soon fell apart into exclamations of joy. It never occured to them that they were being watched the entire time by certain shady figures. Though for what reason they were being watched was unknown at the time. Turning her back on Magus, Saturn was knocked out in one hard blow to the back of the neck. Leaving her in Entron City, Magus quickly took the unknown life form back to the station in Twilight City.
Arriving at the station late at night, Eric Magus runs the unknown mutant through various scans in the labs of Wasteland Patrol Head quarters, but ultimately he doesn't learn very much. So he decides to take the mutant to see the city's leading geneticist, who also happens to the target Frye is going after.
Meanwhile in Twilight Tower, the council of mayors have gathered for an emergency meeting to discuss the progress of planet wide defenses. Rumors of another attack had reached the leaders of Sin, and they called upon their leading builder, industrialist Guy Stark, to inform him that he must work faster to create mechas capable to combatting those threatening the planet. However the meeting was interrupted when a transmission came through from the leader of the terrorist organization, the Watchful Eye. His name was Sorgon Hesperax, and he had a message to give to them all. Twilight City would fall that very night.
Across town, Chris Panic had finished his battles for the night and was brooding in his locker room, when his agent Manny came to congradulate him. Chris was angry at having to fight such ridiculous characters in the arena and decided to blow off meeting with the press and the public. Instead he left the locker room to go for a drive and possibly to think.
And as Chris Panic drives through the city in his car, Frye bursts into Dr. Livinson's apartment while he was working on his computer. Surprising the scientist, Frye readies her blades to strike him down. The outcome of that meeting is unknown at the moment, as the scene changes. Silus has reached West Mentat and met with Tim in person to tell him he has dispatched Frye to kill the scientist unaware that the entire city is being attacked as they speak. Thus, the chapter ends as the fall of Twilight City begins.
Chapter 2 - Countdown to Destruction
As the city sleeps, the Mechas of the Watchful Eye have simply "appeared" in the city, and the destruction commenses. As blocks and blocks of city are leveled in mere shots, widespread panic insues. The Mobile G.U.N.N forces try desperately to stop the mechas but with no success and ultimately they lose their lives. In Dr. Livinson's apartment, Frye has already dispatched him, unaware of the mecha attack going on outside. At that time Eric Magus and the Prototype have reached the apartment only to discover Frye, who attempts to slay Eric, but misses. Eric retaliates by a stun shot from his gun, and because Frye was distracted by the noise outside, she was hit and knocked unconcious
Meanwhile, Chris Panic is stuck in flows of chaotic traffic throughout twlight, and as a blast goes off, his vehicle goes careening into the side of a building. This building happened to be Dr. Livinson's apartment and the luckily Chris wasn't killed and his hover car wasn't too badly damaged. At this time, Eric Magus went to investigate, met Chris and saw the mechas roaming throughout the decimated city. Sensing the danger, the Prototype moved Frye and itself into the hover car, followed by Eric Magus. Chris Panic managed to back the car out of the ruined room and tried to outfly the waves of destruction. He punched it, and managed to clear the city, however his car was so badly damaged that it went sailing into the forests outside Twilight destined for a crash landing.


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