About the World of Sin

          For those curious enough to read this, the comic tells the story of a group of different characters who
      dwell upon a planet titled 'Sin'. The setting is futuristic of course, in a time of instability. A long ways
        away from the traditional governments of Earth. Sin is ruled by a council of mayors, for there are no
        states or countries on Sin, only large megalopolises that dot the surface of the planet. In recent years
          a terrorist organization known as the Watchful Eye emerged from virtually no where with a contingent
          city decimating mechas, which have already destroyed three major cities and several small towns.
            The mysterious leader behind the Eye goes by the name of Sorgon Hesperax, has made no demands,
      which have caused the Council of Mayors to debate endlessly about how to deal with the situation.
            The only line of defense they have so far are the Mobile G.U.N.N's and the Patrol Officers or Police,
         but they have not been able to stop the threat the Watchful Eye poses to the planet. Despite this, life
         continues as best it can upon the weary world, from such deversions as Total Emersion video games,
       to watching the Neo-Gladiatorial Games in the numerous arenas that have sprung up throughout the
                       the world.


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