Future Shock

Evenly Matched, Unfairly Matched

  Android 30's face turned from an expression of awe to one of anger. How had this young fighter become so powerful so suddenly? Had he been holding back the entire time, he wondered to himself as he planned out his attack, no, if he had he wouldn't have allowed all those innocent people to die. He had made the young warrior so mad, that he couldn't take it any more, and he exploded into this new higher level of power.

Many stopped to watch the sky as it filled with a golden light. No longer did anyone run terrified for their lives, because everything seemed alright now. Android 30 could feel that the tides might be turning against him, so he decided to strike in the worst way possible, an all out assault of ki beams, aimed directly at the crowds of soldiers below.

From the android's finger tips, dozens of ki beams shout out in different directions, each flew by Trunks, and he only stood there as they went past. Perhaps he was weaker than he thought 30 thought to himself, but suddenly the Super Saiya-jin blurred from view, and almost at the exact same time, he reappeared in front of each and every ki beam to deflect them in such a way that they flew right back at 30. The Android quickly dodged his attack, but he was annoyed by this show of power.

Trunks blurred in front of him, and without any effort, clubbed him across the face without showing any mercy. The force of impact, sent the android soaring eastward again, and Trunks blurred right next to him as he flew backwards. 30 barely had time to stop his flight path, before Trunks dealt him another crushing blow to the head, sending him flying once again. As he beat him continually eastward, the wind carried his voice far, so the various members of the rebel forces could hear him shout, "Never again!"

* * * * *

"He's winning, Trunks is winning." Mirai no Trunks said weakly between shallow breathes.

Reyna managed to pull away from his grip finally, but instead of running to the craft she eagerly asked him, "He is?"

Mirai no Trunks nodded his heavy head, and looked in Reyna's direction, "The Android... killed my mother, and it sent him over the edge, I can sense his power... just like Gohan."

"How do you know he killed your mother?"
"I can't explain it, I just know..." Mirai no Trunks trailed off, his hands laying limply to his side, he no longer bothered to put any more pressure to the stomach wound.

"Hold on Trunks, I'm going to get some things for you." Reyna spoke optimistically.

She didn't wait for a reply, instead she took off running for the hover craft to try to find something to help him. It was a short sprint to the craft, and in no time she was sifting through empty supply crates, and medical supplies to find anything useful. Uncovering one crate, she discovered gauze, which could prove useful, so she pocketed it, and moved onto the next crate.

Reyna had received a crash course in the medical technology of the time, and she was amazed at the progression in medicine in just 20 years. One thing in particular that she hoped she'd find was a device called a Sealer. Its job was the repair damaged organs, and repair skin damage in Mirai no Trunks' case.

She knocked aside another empty crate only to find more beneath that one. Her search was just above the level of frantic, and she tried to remain calm. Finally she came across a box containing only one Sealer, which she quickly unraveled and put together. Having done this, she slid out from the cockpit of the hover craft and ran across the open ground towards the spot where Mirai no Trunks had fallen.

She turned around the rock and dropped to her knees, "I got a Sealer Trunks, I can fix your wound now."

Mirai no Trunks was silent.
"No." She cried, her face contorting in sorrow, "You can't be dead."

Mirai no Trunks' head turned to one side, his facial expressions were as blank as his eyes and he only stared ahead. Blood no longer flowed from the wound, because there was simply not enough left to bleed.

"Why didn't you let me help you?" Reyna asked desperately, brushing a few strands of hair out of Mirai no Trunks' face.

She hugged him tenderly, and kissed his forehead, it was cold to the touch, and she slowly got up to her feet again, wiping away tears from her cheek, she looked skyward. She sensed Trunks was returning, driving the android away from the stronghold to give them time to get away.

"Don't fail Trunks, you can't fail."

* * * * *

Android 30 threw punch after punch, landing one on his foe out of every twenty. These odds weren't good considering the ascended half Saiya-jin was ruthlessly striking him after every attack. These were only mere "taps" that Trunks was dishing out, with the help of his new powers, the android knew it.

Trunks shifted behind Android 30, as he missed him with a punch, and clubbed him in the back. The force of that blow made 30 go sailing downward into water, Trunks diving in right after him. Under the cool waters 30's beatings didn't end as the Super Saiya-jin swam towards him, launching a variety of ki attacks that severely damaged to android. Some of those attacks made dents in his metal under skin, and scratched up the flesh side of his face pretty badly. 30 quickly shifted upward to avoid the Super Saiya-jin, he was trying to take the battle back to the sky, and he succeeded.

It wasn't soon before the android was darting through the clouds to try and out fly his foe. He thought he had lost the Super Saiya-jin, but Trunks blurred in front of him without warning to elbow him in the chest, with so much force that it cracked a massive hole in his red armor, exposing his chest.

30 recovered however, and launched another attack on the Super Saiya-jin, using a combination of kicks and punches, each of which scored no hits. Finally the Super Saiya-jin backhanded the Android away from him showing his obvious annoyance.

"Why can't I hit you!?" 30 shouted in rage, flying at his foe again.

Trunks didn't' even bother to respond to the android's rants, and as the damaged warrior charged him, he flung out his fist to strike Trunks down with impunity. It didn't work out well, as Trunks' hand snapped up to grab the android's fist and squeeze. 30's eyes widened as Trunks began to crush his right hand with his deadly grip, and he struggled to free his fist.

"I said... It's over!" Trunks shouted and expanded his aura, bolts of lightning shooting from his body at the Android.

30 was stunned by the voltage like ki, and this gave Trunks an advantage. The Super Saiya-jin rocketed upward, dragging the Android with him higher and higher into the clouds. Trunks halted suddenly, nearly breaking the android's hand off trying to halt him in mid air, but when he did he was ready for his next attack. 30 tried to quickly grab hold of his arm and wrench it free, but Trunks slapped his other hand away without any effort involved.

Trunks shot his free arm backward to gather up energy for his next attack. Android 30 was in a perpetual stunned state, in which he could only temporarily watch the Super Saiya-jin attack him. 30's arm was slapped backward, leaving him wide open, and Trunks would take full advantage of this by dropping his arm down and performing the Fujin Ra attack.

From Trunks' palm, a cutting arch of golden ki shoot out with the same effect as a kienzan attack. The arc of ki sliced through the android's arm, just above the elbow, sending 30 into a free fall towards the ground far below. His severed arm fell as well, to land in the sandy beach below. They had moved during the fight over the land again, and Trunks noticed that the fight had moved back to where it had started.

Android 30 hit the ground hard, leaving a crater where once there had been a smooth sandy beach. It wasn't long before Trunks had descended down to the ground to watch the Android leap out of the crater back onto the sand again. 30 was a train wreck by now, blood seeped from his mouth, and down his metal under skin. His face was twisted into an expression of pure rage, and he seethed with anger and hatred for this young upstart.

Android 30 looked down at the stump where his arm used to be connected. Now scrap wire hang out, and blood/fuel lines had been welded shut by the heat of Trunks' attack. He looked up again to Trunks, who was just staring at him now, and he looked back to his arm. How would he win now, with only one arm, 30 thought, and then he realized that there was no way he could win now. "Give up, Android, and I'll kill you quickly and painlessly."

"Give up? You want me to give up my world?"
Trunks frowned, "This isn't your world! It doesn't belong to you! It never did and so help me it never shall."

Android 30 looked the half Saiya-jin, a hint of insanity seemed to surround him like an aura, and it made Trunks somewhat nervous. Android 30 stepped back a few paces and finally spoke, "Did you forget Trunks? That most of Dr. Jero's androids came equipped with a self detonation device?"

"A bomb?"
"Correct Super Saiya-jin, but unlike the others, the force is greatly amplified."

Trunks countered, "How much is amplified?"
"Enough force to blow this entire planet to dust!"
Trunks was now very nervous, his eyes were wide at the fact, and now he could see the Android was beginning to change. 30 gritted his teeth, and clutched his chest in what seemed to be a great deal of pain. The ascended Super Saiya-jin ran towards his foe, intent on stopping him from self detonating, but it looked like it might be too late. Android 30 let go of his chest and looked up at Trunks, a sadistic smile on his face. No longer were the android's eyes clear, but the pupils were solid red. He seemed as he was before, but on his semi-exposed chest a timer was visible, as well as a portion of a canister popping out of his chest.

The timer read 5 minutes and began to slowly tick down.
"In 5 minutes, this bomb will go off, and take this whole world with it, because if I can't have it, no one will."

"You sick monster, mark my words I'll destroy you before those 5 minutes are up!"

"I wouldn't bet on it Trunks, the bomb is almost indestructible until detonated."

Trunks blurred in front of 30, and flung his fist out to punch the crazed Android right in the face, but to his surprise 30 caught the punch. To make things worse, 30 easily shoved him away without much effort.

"Oh and Trunks, did I forget to mention, that now that the bomb is activated, my power cells are activating at maximum efficiency for at least 5 minutes."

Trunks got to his feet again, dusting himself off.
"So all that power you gained by ascending is worthless, because in the end I'm still stronger."

"We'll see," Trunks said calmly, "We'll see."
The timer ticked down to 4 minutes and 35 seconds.


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