Future Shock

Android Invincible

It had been a year of progress and pain.
A year of rebirth and rebuilding, and a year of rejoicing as well as mourning.

Trunks, the mysterious warrior, had become a living legend by age 20 in that he ended the greatest threat the people of Earth had ever faced. The Androids, 17 and 18, had brought misery and suffering to the planet, and in the midst of their destruction found themselves destroyed by the savior. Cell, 17, and 18, all had fallen to the people's savior, Mirai no Trunks, the boy who traveled to the past and came back a man. That however was another time, and much had occurred since the day Trunks turned 20.

During the year after the Androids, Trunks had helped in the rebuilding process of the cities, and he was cheered everywhere he went as a hero should be. He had rescued several women and children from a ruined building, one of whom was a girl named Reyna who had since that time, become very close to the Half Saiya-jin warrior. This tale begins at Capsule Corporation on the day of Trunks' birthday.

It was morning.
Over the Western Capital and the city was talking as how this was the birthday of their hero Trunks Briefs. Many had sent birthday gifts to the young hero, and he had felt that it would take him several weeks to open them all. Trunks wanted to keep the party subtle and they did just that, so it was just him, his mother, and Reyna. At their apartment the room was festively decorated and the table was set, some gifts were placed upon it as well as the cake. Trunks was picking up supplies for the party when the disturbance occurred.

A crowd had gathered to watch the glowing in the sky as high above the Western Capital a bright red light flickered in the otherwise clear blue sky. As the glowing intensified the crowd could feel a force of some kind being pressed against them. The power was growing at an alarming rate, and soon the winds increased to a frightening speed. The trees began to bend over and the ground started to shake.

"Run for it, it's an attack of some sort!" A person screamed and that rant was enough to cause a panic as the light grew to dominate the sky above the city.

The buildings began to shake lose of their foundation and glass windows shattered as a humming sound filled the air, and from the epicenter of their light a figure began to emerge from the sky itself. Not many could see it from the ground, but those flying air craft above would later comment that it was humanoid in figure, no bigger than an average sized man, and that it simply appeared from a hole in the air.

High above the city, the figure looked down as a person would an ant pile, and with a wave of his hand, a beam of ki came down and exploded upon a building, vaporizing it instantly. The figure was a man, with long red hair that had a slight blonde tint in it. His brow was sloped like a Saiya-jin in form 3, and his body was covered in red armor that looked out of place in this time period. But most noticeably upon his chest he wore the letters RR. Not many would know this, but it was the logo of the once strong Red Ribbon Army.

Like a bolt in Trunks' mind he sensed the ki and it took him by surprise that he dropped the supplies in mid flight. The half Saiya-jin's gaze turned towards the horizon, and he could see the red energy as a spec in the distance. The energy was rapidly disappearing though, and the warrior thought that it was only explosion of some sort, but this was only wishful thinking.

"Will I ever have peace?" He asked himself and took off towards the fading energy.

The Intruder remained like a statue suspended in the sky for the longest time, he could sense the Saiya-jin was coming, and this brought a smile to his face. Brushing a long strand of hair out of his face he turned towards the north to face the arriving Trunks. Below on the ground, the quakes had stopped and the terrible red light was fading out just as quickly as it had come. Fire men had been called to the scene to douse the fires from the explosion as quickly as possible.

"The fool is almost here, just as I predicted." The mysterious intruder said to himself, "I shall begin recording, this may prove useful in the future if I fail in my mission."

Trunks came barreling between sky scrapers towards the disturbance his gaze focused on the swirling red light in the sky. The light was slowly fading, in a few moments it would be gone, and there would be nothing left. Trunks was relieved to see that the damage had been minimal, but as his gaze turned upward he spied a figure floating in the sky.

2 In a matter of moments the half Saiya-jin propelled himself upward to meet the person, the distance being covered in no time at all and now Trunks came face to face with the attacker. The half Saiya-jin couldn't sense any ki coming from him at all, and yet he could stay in flight. And below a massive crater in the ground, no doubt the creation of the intruder. He could only be one thing Trunks concluded as he stared into the light blue eyes of the intruder.


The android grinned as Trunks put it together, "Correct."

"I should have known there would be more of you, your kind can't simply die out." Trunks replied.

"Oh how little you know boy." The Android replied.

"You're going to meet the same fate as 17 and 18, this I swear."

"If you say so."

Trunks blurred from view for the moment and reappeared instantly before the Android, his fist striking into its chest, a crushing blow that knocked the android back several feet. The android looked up, his armor had cracked only slightly, the sadistic grin was still planted on his face, "Is that the best you've got?"

Trunks pulled off his jacket and tossed it the wind, his purple hair began to rise and his ki skyrocketed upwards, a smile came to his lips as well knowing he had only sucker punched the android. The sky was again filled with a bright light, but this own made the people cheer as gold streaked the sky, the Super Saiya-jin had returned to action. Trunks' hair shot to the sides of his head and pointed upward, his muscles bulged slightly, but the Android only grinned at the Saiya-jin as if he had seen the whole scene before.

"So what number are you?" Trunks asked, golden aura almost touching the smug android.

"My number is 30. I am Android 30."

"That's impossible!" Trunks shouted in disbelief, "The last Android was Cell and his number was 21!"

"You are correct, but that doesn't matter, you are going to die, and the irony in the situation is that you will never truly know why." Android 30 stated plainly and with that said, he rushed the Saiya-jin.

The attack came swiftly and with great strength as the Android dealt a sharp blow to the Saiya-jin gut. Trunks reeled from the strike and was sent downwards towards a building. Recovering quickly the Saiya-jin savior charged his foe and the two met in storm of kicks and punches.

Android 30 grabbed a hold of Trunks' arm and ruthlessly beat him in the side with his fist. Trunks couldn't believe how fast and strong this android was, but he didn't have time to question the situation all he could do was block as the Android ruthlessly beat him. The Super Saiya-jin rocketed upwards, his Android foe right on his tail, and the two stopped in the mid-air. Trunks' palms pressed together quickly as he formed a ball of ki energy. The android stood stark still, just watching the Saiya-jin charge up for a ki blast.

"Die!" Trunks shouted releasing a massive blast of ki upon the android, and the golden beam encompassed the mechanical warrior completely. Trunks kept feeding the wave, and it grew more and more in intensity. Trunks' teeth were clenched as his eyes widen as he could see something moving within the mass of the beam. Android 30 was moving forward through the beam itself, his arms were raised in front of his face, and his red armor was deflecting Trunks' ki attack. Before the Saiya-jin could discontinue the beam, Android 30's fist came crashing through the beam and struck Trunks right in the face.

The young warrior coughed up blood as he fell limp through the sky, but he was given no mercy as Android 30 pummeled him up and down with a barrage of kicks and punches. In a downward spiral, Trunks dropped towards the ground as the Android stared triumphantly down at his prey. The gathering crowds parted as Trunks fell to the ground and many stood in disbelief as their hero was being beaten by what appeared to be a new android.

Trunks struggled to remain a Super Saiya-jin but his body ached so much he thought he was going to pass out. His eyes were focused on the Android above him, his body was strewn on the pavement below, the android was staring down at him. In the blink of an eye, Android 30 dropped straight down from the sky and stomped on Trunks' rib cage. A sickening crack erupted from the half Saiya-jin's chest and he was unable to cry out in pain. The Android stood on Trunks' chest and kneeled down, meeting him face to face, "Are you tired yet?"

"Why are you doing this?" Trunks gasped through choked lungs

"I do this for my sake boy, the future belongs to me, and you're ruining it, so in this time period, you must die."

Trunks' hair faded to purple again, and the Android stood again. Pointing to a building behind him, Android 30 sent a triangular beam of ki into it and the structure explode on the contact, killing many who were around it. The crowd panicked and abandoned their hero in his hour of need. Within moments the streets were deserted leaving only the Android and his captive.

Trunks could hardly breathe now and soon he passed out from the pain. His eyes opened slightly he could no longer move. At this time the Android gripped him by the neck and began to squeeze the life out of him. He needed to do something, but what, he couldn't move.

He was doomed.

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