Future Shock

The Stranger Who Would be a Saiya-jin

Trunks' vision clouded red, and he was unable to breathe. It seemed that nothing could stop this android's choking hold. What was happening, he thought to himself, nothing made any sense, and it was killing him, literally. Android 30's form began to fade as different colors flashed in Trunks' vision, he wasn't breathing any longer and soon he would be dead.

He wasn't entirely sure what happened next, but the Android was suddenly grabbed from behind.

Trunks fell to the ground as Android 30 was pulled back by a mysterious stranger. The stranger's arrival had gone unnoticed as he walked amongst the crowds and after they fled, Android 30 had ignored his presence. Now the stranger had shown enough strength to yank the android backward. Before 30 could recover the stranger rushed him with an uppercut that sent him spiraling into the air.

Trunks coughed up blood and got up to his knees, his eyes hurt but he had to watch as the two combatants fought each other in the sky. The stranger wore brown robes, and a hood that concealed his face, a belt strap was fastened around his torso and a sword sheathe was on his back.

The Android had recovered from the sneak attack fully and was ready to battle the stranger. Trunks groaned as he tried to get to his feet again, but he failed miserably. His chest throbbed in pain and it was enough to stay conscious let alone stand again.

Android 30 rushed his foe, his fist outstretched to connect with the stranger's chest, but he nimbly blurred to the android's side. Kneeing him in the gut the android coughed up blood, proving that this one wasn't entirely mechanical but part biological. The stranger then elbowed the Android in the back, sending him rocketing downward towards the ground.

Out of control Android 30 fell like a rock in water towards the ground, but the stranger wasn't finished yet. Within a second of time the sword that was resting in the sheathe came into the Stranger's hands and he was flying towards the android. There was a streak of silver as the blade cut across the Android's face, the metal sliced up the Android's cheek and across his right eye, all the way up his forehead close to his hairline. The stranger had slashed the android right before it impacted with the ground, so the mechanical warrior crashed into the pavement seconds after getting slashed upon the face.

The stranger landed safely on a pile of debris, the hood covering his face still. Trunks was awe struck and confused by the stranger's sudden appearance, and the Android's sudden disappearance. Android 30 had tunneled under the pavement, and things had grown quieter.

"What's going on here?" Trunks asked the stranger.

The cloaked man only stared at the ground, but he finally responded, "I'll explain in a second, right now I need to smash this cockroach."

"But I don't--" "--Gotcha!" The Android shouted as it exploded from the Earth to upper cut the stranger in the back.

The cloaked figure was knocked forward and the Android rushed after him to pummel his body just as he had done to Trunks. The Saiya-jin couldn't stand to watch this so he shut his eyes, but to his relief he didn't hear sounds of struggle. The young warrior opened his eyes only to see Android 30's shoulder being impaled on the stranger's blade. The weapon had stabbed right through the red armor and the tip had come out the other side, the android was totally shocked.

"This ends here Android." The stranger stated coldly.
"I will not be beaten!"
"Suit yourself."

With those simple words, the Stranger's aura exploded a vibrant gold color, and his hood fell back to reveal his face. Trunks' eyes widened as he beheld a face not terribly unlike his own. The stranger's hair was long and tied back, but it was gold, the color of a Super Saiya-jin. It was similar in style to his own but more ragged. The stranger's face looked much like his own, except it had numerous scars from battle set upon it. The stranger was also much older than Trunks himself.

Android 30 yelled in rage as the stranger powered up, and resourceful as he was he mule kicked himself off of the stranger's body, pulling himself free of the blade. Both of them flew off in opposite directions, but the stranger recovered much more quickly than the android. The android came to a stop against a brick wall, his gaze turning to the stranger as he charged him.

He's going to finish me off at this rate, the android thought to himself, and he knew he had to escape or face death. The stranger's sword was held horizontally, he was cut this android in twain and then be done with him.

"Blinding Flash!" The Android shouted, both of his hands came up to his face and his left eye, the one that wasn't sliced apart glowed pure red for the moment.

The Stranger's face panicked as the Android's eye alit with a powerful blinding light that bathed him a bright red light. The android leapt straight up into the air, letting the stranger crash through the wall behind him. Without hesitating the android took to the air, a bullet shooting through the sky. Looking back at the city Android 30 cursed his rotten luck. He could have attacked the blinded warrior, but he would have recovered in a matter of seconds and then he would be in no better position. Besides, he wouldn't be able to use his blinding attack for another hour or so.

Trunks coughed again, he saw the android heading north, but he couldn't do anything to stop him, he could barely move. Holding his side, Trunks climbed over a mound of debris to the fallen brick wall on the other side. Trunks slid down the mound, ending up on cracked pavement, and he was shocked when the stranger came blindly charging through the already shattered wall again.

"What the heck is going on?!" Trunks shouted, he wanted answers now.

"Where did he go?!" The stranger demanded, rubbing his eyes, he was seething in anger.

"Calm down."

"I can't calm down, if I don't kill him here, I'll never get a chance to again!"

Trunks gave up trying to understand the situation, he wouldn't ask anymore questions until things had calmed down. Instead he simple said, "He's gone."

With that Trunks shut his eyes, it had taken the remainder of his strength just to get over there, and he couldn't fight it any longer. With that said Trunks lost consciousness.

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