Future Shock

One Hero Fall, Another Rises

  "What are you waiting for!?" Saeris shouted to Trunks.

They had been sensing the battle from a far, and Trunks felt certain that Mirai no Trunks had things taken care of, but now it was looking pretty bad. His ki was decreasing by the moment, not to mention it was decelerating faster and faster. He had to hurry now, or there would be nothing he could do to help his future self.

"General Yang, get everyone out the Stronghold, once the prisoners have been found." Trunks ordered.

"Because if I fail, Android 30 will come here next and wipe everyone off the face of the earth."

General Yang nodded in agreement, and with those words said Trunks turned his head straight up. Trunks flew upward, his golden ki aura was pushing the ceiling apart, granting him passage straight through the stronghold. He broke through floors and ceiling, going up levels in a matter of milliseconds, till he broke free of the pyramid structure and gazed upon blue sky again.

Trunks paused in mid air to collect his power, so that he might be better prepared for the upcoming battle. He turned to the east, his eyes scanning over the horizon. He could sense the battle going on over the sea to the desert wastelands beyond. He cracked his knuckles and neck in unison, and stretched out his limbs.

He was as ready as he was going to be.

* * * * *

Across the sea, Mirai no Trunks was fighting his heart out, taking brutal punch after brutal kick from Android 30, so that he may deliver some form of gigantic blow from his oversized fists. Mirai no Trunks had begun to sweat blood, down his cheeks and face. His old scars had reopened just from the sheer pressure of enlarging his body, and veins burst all over from the rampant blood flow in his body, mixed with tremendous pressure.

Another blow to the chest sent the Android flying backward, only to have to him back a few moments later to brutalize Mirai no Trunks some more. The Ultra Super Saiya-jin's body was grotesquely big now, but he didn't care, he was sacrificing everything he had to win this fight, but sadly he knew he could not win it alone.

Mirai no Trunks clapped his hands together to create a shock wave that would push his foe back, and then he charged him head first to butt in him the chest. 30 easily dodged this attack, and he grabbed hold of Mirai's golden hair, and tore out a strand as he flew past. The Super Saiya-jin shouted in anger, and flung a chaotic ball of ki at the android, which exploded on impact, doing no real damage at all.

Android 30 danced around Mirai no Trunks, his speed seemed to only grow as the battle progressed, but in truth it was just Mirai no Trunks who was slowing down. The older warrior was struck from all sides as 30 danced around him, occasionally attacking him, and there was nothing he could do but shout in frustration. He snapped however, and exploded his aura outward to knock the android away, but he got too carried away in this.

Mirai no Trunks' aura replaced the blue sky with a glaring gold light, and it hurt to look at him directly, but he continued to expand his aura outward to keep the android away from him. 30 was knocked to the ground by the force of the aura, but he quickly got up again, shaking the dust and dirt out of his hair. Mirai no Trunks discontinued this aura flare, and breathed in a few shallow breaths of air.

"Enough of this." The Android announced.
"The game isn't over yet."
"But it is, and you've lost!"
Android 30 darted upward to face the USSJ Mirai no Trunks. A smug grin was fixed on his face as he thought that victory was inevitable. There was, however, a sudden pang in his head and he turned around to face the west. His recorder was warning him about an approaching ki signature.

"The other Trunks is coming now, how annoying." Android 30 said to himself.

Mirai no Trunks took this opportunity to deck the android while his head was turned. The punch packed a tremendous force in it, and it was enough to make the android cough up precious blood/fuel. This was an action that deserved an immediate reaction.

Trunks was coming rather soon, and he had to beat Mirai no Trunks or risk getting double teamed. He spun around and zipped towards Mirai no Trunks, grabbing him by the neck, he rammed the both of them into the ground below. Mirai no Trunks had his head shoved into the dirt and desolation of the earth, while Android 30 nearly had his feet driven into the ground. The older half Saiya-jin couldn't breathe, and he choked on the dirt in an attempt to get air to his lungs.

Mirai no Trunks ripped his arm free of the dirt and grabbed hold of Android 30's arm, and wrenched his hand free of his neck, giving him some freedom. The Super Saiya-jin tore his body free of the ground, only to be jabbed by the sadistic machine. 30 chuckled as Mirai no Trunks could barely stand in that heavy, bulky form, so he decided to help him out.

Mirai no Trunks rallied his ki to try and stay conscious, but he wasn't going to last much longer, and to make matters worse 30 had just picked him up off the ground by his hair. He groaned as he was pulled up into the air by the hair, and about 30 feet up he managed to knock away 30's hand. The android only grinned and looked away, while the broken warrior just glared at him.

"Aren't you going to finish me?" Mirai choked out, he was holding his right side now.

The Retinal Amplification Device hummed to life, lights flickered on the sides as it was gathering up power. Android 30 turned his entire body sharply to face his enemy, in what he determined would be their final confrontation. He sneered and placed his hands close to his eyes, and shouted so loudly perhaps the whole could hear him, "Blinding Flash!!!!"

There were no words to describe the light that Mirai no Trunks saw at that moment.

He was awe struck as the whole world turned white, and somehow surpassed that color in overall brightness. The light and color was so bright that his eyes seemed to burn and sizzle under its oppressive glare. Mirai no Trunks shouted to tried to shield his eyes, but it was already too late, his eyes were completely blank, just like 30's but this meant only one thing.

He was permanently blinded.

Trunks saw the light from a far, and by then it wasn't so bad, but he was still forced to stop and shield his eyes. Reyna saw the light too, and she almost crazed into the sea below her, but luckily she was a better pilot than she thought. The light was greater than that of a sun, and it be compared to looking into the center of a nuclear explosion, and the effects were similar. Instant Blindness.

Mirai no Trunks only saw black, and worse his hair began to flicker from his gold color to its normal purple shade. His powers were fading to nothing, he had only one shot left, and it would have to be good. He gritted his teeth in frustration, and Android 30 only laughed a cruel mocking laugh. Mirai no Trunks' fists clenched tighter than before, his body was slowly reverting to its normal shape. His lips bled as well as his scars, and his rage only built by the moment, and all the android could do was laugh.

Finally it was too much to bare, and Mirai no Trunks couldn't take any more.

Only six feet between them and an overconfident android, gave Mirai no Trunks an edge. He channeled all his ki into one final attack, his strike was ready, all he had to do was release it and his rage. His right hand came back behind him, a ball of red ki forming in his palm. He shot his hand around, his left hand grabbing hold of his right for support he shouted out loud, "Rendan Masenko!"

From his palm, all of Mirai no Trunks' rage, frustration, hatred, and fury came barreling out in the form of a massive and concentrated red ki beam. Android 30 opened just in time to see the furious attack coming straight at him, and with his speed he managed to escape being bathed in the energy, but he didn't avoid if completely. The blast struck his upper right portion of the body, and it was relentlessly powerful.

Biological skin melted away in the red destructive beam's wake, showing off metallic skin beneath. The entire right side of the Android's face was melted away, revealing the metal under skin. The right side of his shoulder pads, fractured, and broke off, and his entire right hand strained under the pressure. The result was that his entire arm was devoid of biological skin.

The beam lasted only ten seconds, but in those ten seconds Mirai no Trunks showed just how powerful an angry Super Saiya-jin could be. Mirai no Trunks practically passed out in mid air, as he began to fall backward towards the ground, his hair had become purple again, and his body had returned to a normal size.

The Android was in shock, his body was disfigured so fast, he didn't realize it. He looked at his right hand, and realized just how odd he looked. His metallic fingers touched upon his head. The right side was completely bald now, and in place of his right ear, a circular disc, which was his real underneath the skin. The RAD had been blown up on contact with the beam, and there would be no more blinding attacks, at least not for awhile.

Finally it hit him, and a look of pure rage came over the Android. He charged forth through the air, his fist impacting with Mirai no Trunks' stomach, "No one!"

He struck him again in the same place, "Ever!"
And again, "Wounds!"
Once again, "Me!"
He wound his fist back and punched again, his fist impacting through armor, through clothing material, and finally through flesh. Mirai no Trunks' useless white eyes widened as the last punch broke through his stomach. The Android tore his fist free, and kicked the dying warrior to the ground below.

"No!" Shouted another from behind.
Trunks had just flown up, but now it was far too late for him to do anything about the situation. He could only stare at the ground, as Mirai no Trunks tried to sit up, but failed miserably. Reyna had also arrived, but she chose to use some stealth in the situation. She had landed the craft, undetected a few yards away from 30's view, behind a mound of boulders.

"You again?" 30 shouted looking at Trunks, "I guess it too much to ask that I only kill one of you, but now I have to slay both."

Trunks couldn't see the android, his eyes were locked on the dying figure of his future self. He was going to die if he didn't get help, but there was nothing Trunks could do, but watch him die.

"No... there is something I can do." He said to himself, and looked up at the disfigured Android.

Android 30 only smirked at the Super Saiya-jin.
"I see, this fight wasn't in vain. My other self damaged you quite a bit."

"Doesn't matter, I still have more than enough energy to kill you, but now that I think about it, you're no challenge to me, and I'd much rather fly back to home and exterminate the infestation that I'm having so much trouble with."

Trunks couldn't believe it, 30 was going to spare him and instead fly away. Part of Trunks felt relieved, but this was only a tiny fraction. He knew that he couldn't let the Android get back to the stronghold, and he knew he must do everything in his power to stop him, or else no one would have a future.


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