Future Shock

A Desperate Gambit

  Corridor after endless corridor passed Trunks by, as he wandered through the fortress aimlessly. The structure was in constant turmoil as rebel soldiers evaded the fortress from all points possible. Because Android 30 had sent so many androids outside, only to have them obliterated by the Super Saiya-jins, the defenders whittled away down to a few thousand. Those thousand, however, put up a good fight in such closed quarters. Those with ki breaker weaponry were able to keep Trunks and Saeris at bay for awhile, but no indefinitely.

Saeris and his warriors had broken off from Trunks and were searching the upper levels for the brig. They had already located what appeared to be the time chamber, and destroyed it. Soon they came across the repair bay, and it two was destroyed. Trunks decided to search the lower levels for the brig, but his search wasn't going so well.

There were an estimated 500 prisoners scattered through out the base, but there was only one person in the brig who Trunks truly cared about and knew. The rebel army had entered the base, and was now clogging the hallways, instead of androids. At this rate, Trunks thought, all the androids will be dead in a matter of minutes.

Trunks groaned as he turned around another hallway only to stare down a seemingly endless one after that. This place seemed to go on forever in all directions, but it would be no trouble at all simply destroying this place, Trunks thought, but he quickly rejected the idea, knowing he would kill everyone inside it.

He was getting fed up with the search, and thought about just letting the rebels handle things. He could only think about battling Android 30, and how his counter part was no doubt cleaning house. He turned his attentions outward to sense Mirai no Trunks' ki, and to his surprise it was dropping in power by the minute.

"What's going on?" Trunks asked himself as he turned the corner.

A platoon of android sentries were moving in single file down the hallways, before they could even fire on the young warrior they were blown away by a random ki blast.

Someone came running up behind Trunks. It was Saeris.
"Trunks! Come quickly we've located the command center."
"But what about my mother?"
"We'll look for her later, there's something you've got to see."

Trunks wasn't sure about this, but he obliged Saeris and followed him down the hallway. They rounded a corner and headed up a narrow set of stairs, until they had reached the fifth floor of the stronghold. This floor was filled with rebel soldiers ready to explore deeper into the base at any moment.

The door to the command center open, and the room was filled with different soldiers, and among them was General Yang. Trunks followed Saeris through the mob towards the general. The room was circular in design, with numerous screens along the wall each one surveillance photos. There was a large donut shaped structure in the center of the room which provided access to numerous consoles.

"We've accessed their name computer, Garo." General Yang told Trunks, "And there is a lot of interesting information here."

"Did you say Garo?"
"That is correct, its' the same computer system that Dr. Teris used." Saeris added.

"We've gained access to some files that you might find interesting, one being a procedure to digitize a human brain into the mechanical brain of an android."

Trunks went out on a limb and made a guess, "What are you saying, that Dr. Teris put his brain in one of the androids?"

Something clicked in Trunks' head as he recalled his encounter with Dr. Teris for the first time in his time line. He bore a similarity to Android 30, and he nodded finally figuring it out, "So Dr. Teris is Android 30."

General Yang nodded his head in agreement, "That's correct, but that's not what I called you here for."

Trunks was confused now.
"We also uncovered some information on Android 30 himself, that we thought you needed to know at once."

"What is it?"
"It seems that Android 30 has upgraded his body with absorption technology, and according to Garo's memory, he's absorbed Android 28's computer chips, power cells, and DNA matrix."

Trunks' eyes widened, "I knew he killed her."
"Trunks you need to get to the other Trunks and fast, because if what Garo is saying is true, he's going to killed soon if he doesn't get help." Yang replied.

"You don't have to tell me twice."
Saeris had shouted suddenly, "His power... it's unbelievable!"
Trunks looked towards Saeris, but the human warrior seemed out of it, and Trunks knew why almost at once. Saeris was sensing Mirai no Trunks' ki, and it was increasing rapidly, to the point where it was almost too much to stand. Trunks grinned, maybe his counter part wouldn't need his help after all.

* * * * *

Android 30 only watched Mirai no Trunks powered up.
Mirai no Trunks' entire body tensed to the point of break as his ki sky rocketed upward. He was trying something that he had not attempted in awhile, and he hoped he had perfected it enough to where he could use it to his advantage. It was the transformation to Ultra Super Saiya-jin that the older Trunks was trying to achieve, and he had become convinced over the years that it could be mastered.

As he concentrated his muscle mass began to increase slowly at first, but as time progressed it grew more and more rapidly. Sparks of electricity shot out all around his body causing a bright display in the air, and his eyes turned pure white just like the android's.

Android 30 just stared at him.
Mirai no Trunks flung his brown cloak to the ground as his body began to rapidly expand outward, arms and legs bulging to a proportion that was mimicked that of a gorilla. Mirai no Trunks let out a yell as the power overwhelmed him, he knew he had done it right, just like Brolli had done so many years before. Instead of taxing his strength the transformation to USSJ had only increased his power. Now the hard part was at hand. Beneath the cloak, Mirai no Trunks was wearing the Saiya-jin armor his mother had made for him so long ago.

Could he move fast enough to strike the Android?

Mirai no Trunks finally calmed down, he towered above his foe, a glare was centered on his face, but Android 30 only stared at him. The Ultra Super Saiya-jin didn't waste any time, and he flew forward to strike at his foe. Mirai no Trunks struck his large fist out in hopes to connect with Android 30's chest, and to his surprise it did.

The android flew backwards from the tremendous blood, blood spurting from his lips. Mirai no Trunks chased after him through the air keeping on tail, but the Android quickly lost him when he recovered. Android 30 attacked Mirai no Trunks from above, blurring above him to strike at his back. Mirai no Trunks took the blow, but wasn't harmed too badly by it, his transformation had vastly increased his durability as well.

Mirai no Trunks swung his arm around to grab a hold of the android's wrist, his fingers gripped around the wrist tightly, and he swung the armor clad android into the desolate land below. The fight had been taken back to the ground, and the half Saiya-jin was dragging the android through dirt, dishing out a few more hits.

"It looks like I've perfected this form well enough, wouldn't you say?"

Android 30 sprang from the dirt and wiped some blood from his chin, "If you say so."

Android 30 blurred from view slightly, and reappeared right in front of Mirai no Trunks. The evil android shot two powerful ki blasts from his eyes, sending the massive warrior backwards. Not to be outdone, Mirai no Trunks cupped his hands to shot a ki blast towards the android. 30's eye lasers met the beam head on and the two clashed causing a struggle.

Mirai no Trunks grit his teeth as he poured more energy into the beam to try and over power his foe, but the android would not yield to his might. Every muscle in his body tensed, and beads of sweat rained down from his brow. Mirai no Trunks thought his teeth would shatter if he clenched them any tighter, but they did not. What worried the Super Saiya-jin was that the android's seemingly infinite power gave him an unfair edge which would prove deadly in a matter of minutes. Mirai no Trunks' eyes went wide as 30 increased the power of the beam to where it began to push back almost all the way to Mirai no Trunks' palms.

"No!" Mirai no Trunks shouted, and pushed beam back at the android.

"You can not beat me, not now, and not anymore!" The Android replied in a series of shouts.

The desperate warrior increased his power some more, his muscles bulging even more. His entire body was pushed to the breaking point, and he could hear his muscles start to tear, and his bones start to creak under the stress. The boost of power to the ki struggle tipped the struggle and 30 was overwhelmed by the beam.

There was a flash of brilliant light and an explosion that seemed to shake the planet, as the ki struggle ended completely, the winner was Mirai no Trunks. He stared blankly across the field of battle, as the smoke and debris blew away. The smoke had been caused by the violent winds that the ki struggle had created, but now it was clearing out.

There was a brilliant flash of red behind a plume of smoke, and it grew as the plume flew into the air. Mirai no Trunks glared as his foe still stood perfectly unharmed by the beam, and that's when the half Saiya-jin noticed that the android's hands were in the air. The bastard had deflected the massive ki upward off the planet into the safety of space, and a proud grin was centered on his face having done it.

"That was a very bad thing you did Trunks." 30 commented giving him the tsk-tsk motion.

"You son of a bitch!" Mirai no Trunks shouted.
The Ultra Super Saiya-jin had had enough, and now he was very mad. No android would stop him that time as he charged 30, and dished out a flurry of punches, kicks, and blasts that brought the android to his knees. An upper cut followed up by a savage elbow to the throat sent 30 flying through the air, where he met Mirai no Trunks' knee in the small of his back. The storm didn't end there, as Mirai no Trunks used his rapidly waning energy for everything it was worth. His muscles ached, and his body was being permanently damaged fighting at this level for so long, but he didn't care, all he cared about was killing the last android and bringing peace to the Earth once and for all.

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