Future Shock

Two Androids in One Day

  Android 29 was shot backwards by a powerful ki blast as Mirai no Trunks continued to attack the android relentlessly. The battle was going strong as the sliced up android managed to dish out a few good punches and kicks to the Super Saiya-jin, only to have more punches and kicks shoved back in his face. His power was limitless, but his systems were so damaged by the stronger warrior's assaults that he had to slow down or fall apart.

The Android was lost in thought for too long, and another ki blast caught him in the chest, sending him spiraling down into the ground. His waist buried in the rock, he prepared to blast himself free, but Mirai no Trunks wouldn't let him. The half Saiya-jin's fury was unrivaled at that point and his sword came from no where it seemed, to strike deep down into the android's shoulder.

29 had pain sensors, though not as strong as normal humans, the pain was unbearable and long lasting. Mirai no Trunks stood on the ground, rotating his blade in the wound he had created, destroying circuits and rupturing Saiya-jin blood-fuel. Android 29 panicked and rapidly fired small ki bursts at his attacker to knock him back, but Mirai no Trunks held firm to the ground, his clothing being torn up by the bursts of energy.

Finally the Super Saiya-jin yielded and tore the blade upward through the android's shoulder, grazing his oddly shaped ear. Android 29's left arm sagged downward, metal parts and electricity sparks could be seen in the rather nasty wound. Mirai no Trunks took to the air again, flying high above the fallen Android 29. He shouted out loudly, forming a massive ki attack from the tip of his sword.

"Genju Haaaa!!!!" The half Saiya-jin shouted, as the purple energy beam rained down on the Android, shattering the plateau from the curved top to the very base. Only rubble remained in its place, and the Android wasn't in sight at all.

"That should take care of the Android." Mirai no Trunks announced to himself.

He turned around in mid air to fly over and help his past counter part, but he was abruptly stopped by a fist in the left side of the head. The Super Saiya-jin flew sideways, reeling from the blow, his turning to see a heavily damaged Android 29 in mid flight. The Android pushed his palms out to face Mirai no Trunks, his thumbs touching each other at the tip, in a horizontal fashion. With his hands positioned like a goal post, the Android lined up the Super Saiya-jin in his sights.

"Retina Flare!" He shouted.
From his eyes came two concentrated ki blasts, aimed right through his hands towards the Super Saiya-jin. Mirai no Trunks recovered just in time to raise his blade to deflect one beam, but the second cut straight through his left arm, making a small hole in it. The Super Saiya-jin shouted in pain, as he blurred from view. The Android was shocked, to see him disappear, but he was prepared for his reappearance. Trunks blurred behind the android only to catch a kick to the stomach. It seemed that things had taken a turn for the worse.

* * * * *

Trunks' battle with Android 27 was just beginning, and both warriors exchanged incredible blows. 27's fist collided with Trunks foot and the force of both physical attacks caused the mountain tops around them to shatter. As their attacks collided, the shock waves became more and more devastating. The young Super Saiya-jin was determined to keep his foe at bay long enough for Mirai no Trunks to come help him, but it looked like things had turned around over there.

Trunks began to panic as it looked like his future self was beginning to lose the battle, but he couldn't let this distraction affect his fighting. Android 27 was relentless, and he managed to score a knee to Trunks' rib cage, a very sensitive spot. The Android rammed his knee in better and Trunks spat blood in his face as a response. The android grinned at the sight of blood and spun around to round house Trunks away from him.

Trunks spun around to perform Kamehameha attack upside down, the surprise attack hitting the android right in the chest. His blue armor buckled and shattered away, leaving the android undamaged and quite mad now. It wasn't long before Trunks caught an android's fist to the face, the sheer force of hit knocked Trunks to mountain side below.

The Super Saiya-jin wasn't finished though and he sky rocketed back upward again. 27 grinned again as he charged his foe as well, the two colliding, both of their fists hitting the other fighter in the jaw. They both hit each other at the exact same time, with the exact same power, sending both of them spiraling backwards in opposite directions.

Android 27 had forgotten all about his robotic brother and focused slowly on the Saiya-jin in front of him. He looked so much like Trunks it wasn't even funny. Perhaps he was related to him in some way. The android rubbed his jaw slightly, a screw had cracked and fractured, and he noted that his jaw would need repairing when he returned to the Stronghold.

The Super Saiya-jin faced his opponent, and the two of them simply stared at each other. For awhile it was silent, and the sky was eerily clear now, because the ki battles that had been going on caused the clouds to be blown away and the rain to stop. Android 27 cracked his knuckled, expecting his foe to charge him, a grin was focused on his face.

Suddenly the android stopped smiling, an explosion from behind Trunks resounded through the mountains, causing the half Saiya-jin to turn around. Android 29 was being massacred by Mirai no Trunks, and from this distance 27 could see that he had blasted the weakened Android's arm off.

"I must go assist him." 27 whispered to himself, and barreled towards Trunks.

Having turned around to look, Trunks fell under the tackle of Android 27. The Super Saiya-jin was slammed into the earth, and the android sprang off his downed body into the air to offer any help he could to 29.

"Oh no you don't!" Trunks shouted, leaping from the ground, his spring causing massive amounts of debris to spray behind him.

Landscape flew by under the half Saiya-jin's feet as he instantly caught up to 27, flying right next to him. Android 27 turned his head to the side only to catch Trunks elbow right in the head. The blow was so hard, it knocked the hood off of 27's head, revealing his metallic under skin, that covered the top of his head.

Trunks stopped in mid air, his eyes were focused on his future counterpart. He had Android 29 up against the ropes so to speak, as he ruthlessly blurred around the android from all sides, pummeling him with a variety of kicks, slashes and punches.

Android 29 received a nasty kick to the teeth, which made him stumble back a few feet in the air, his eyes shut as he reeled from the pain, and that was a mistake that would cost him his artificial life. Mirai no Trunks blurred in front of the dazed android, and extended his free hand.

"It's over!" Mirai no Trunks shouted loudly, and let loose the largest ki blast he could, channeling a great amount of power into it.

Android 29 took the blast right in the head, the strong structure in his neck began to twist and bend under the stress and heat of the beam. Blood tubes tore apart, skin was burnt away, and metallic bone structure and under skin broke away. The end result was that the beam shot Android 29's head off right there and then.

The head flew onto a pile of rubble, where the plateau once was, and a dumb struck expression was fixed on the metallic face. The body hovered in the air a little while longer until Mirai no Trunks unleashed his blade upon the body. With no defense and no brains left, the body was ruthlessly hacked to non-repairable pieces, and when Mirai no Trunks was finished, there was nothing left.

Android 27 had been elbowed into a cliff side, and he surged out of the rubble towards the hovering Trunks. The gold skinned android didn't notice the absence of his partner until it was too late. Trunks didn't even see the android coming, and the attack would be perfect, that is, until he caught a ki blast in the head.

27 was knocked backward, and when he regained his senses there were two Super Saiya-jin flying before him.

"This can't be!" 27 yelled to the pair.
"Oh but it is, and soon you're going to find out just like 29, how powerful 2 Super Saiya-jins can be." Trunks replied.

27 activated his messaging system, he needed the other three androids at his side as soon as possible, but something was jamming his communications. It looked rather grim at this moment, and a glare befell the android's face, "If you think I'm going to go down as easily as 29 did, you are mistaken!"

He didn't waste any more time with speeches, and the android was quick to charge the two warriors. With each arm extended out, he clotheslined both Mirai and Trunks, but his attack was very short lived. Grabbing a hold of both his arms, the two Super Saiya-jins stopped his mid flight charge and yanked his arms in opposite directions. Android 27 grit his teeth as the half Saiya-jins began to yank him apart like a wishbone. He struggled and then brought his fingers to a point, and fired a concentrated ki beam at each of the warriors, to shoot them both away from him.

Trunks was shot away by the beam, but Mirai no Trunks tore his right arm so badly, it dislocated from its shoulder socket, causing the android to yell out in pain. Trunks was quick to recover and he jump kicked the Android in the side, sending him flying into the open arms of Mirai no Trunks.

Android 27 flew out of control towards the older Trunks, and he was unable to stop himself from being struck in the back by a fierce some head butt. The world spun around the android as he couldn't tell up from down, and his senses were so thrown off that he didn't notice that both warriors were charging up for a twin ki attack.

"Ready Trunks!?" Mirai no Trunks shouted to his counterpart.
"Yeah, lets do this!"
In unison the two warriors fired two very powerful Kamehameha's, the same way Gohan had taught Trunks to do so very long ago. Android 27 was struck in the back by both attacks, each beam of energy shot through his gut and out the other side, hitting the ground. The beams struck the ground and exploded, and the powerless 27 fell straight into the center of the ki explosion, his form disintegrating within the massive blast.

When the smoke cleared there was nothing left of the Android 27 except his light blue eyes. The rest of his structure had burnt away to ashes, proving that that battle was over. Mirai no Trunks powered down, his hair turning purple again. He had had his hair tied back in a tail with a steel cord that didn't break when he went Super Saiya-jin, and Trunks thought he would do the same thing later.

"Two in one day!" Trunks shouted enthusiastically.
"Yeah, two already."
"I say we fly to their stronghold right now, and finish them off."
Mirai no Trunks shook his head, "Not yet, we need to lay low for awhile."
Trunks didn't understand, "Lay low? Trunks, they can't stop us now, we just wiped out two of them in under an hour!"

"But there are still three of them left, and a whole army waiting to kick are asses, and if I know 30's protocol well enough he's going to put the army on full tactical alert. We've got to plan our next attack carefully, agreed?"

Trunks nodded, "If you say so."

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