Future Shock

The Battle Begins

  Android 29 was a giant among normal men, and wherever he went he was feared.

Standing 8 feet 3 inches tall wearing long black sweats, a large cummerbund-like belt with the Red Ribbon emblem written on it, he was a freakish looking android. He was bald and had a fat face, and instead of a plain bald head a tendril descended down the back of his head like hair. He carried almost no emotion in him, which made him an effective killing machine, and he held life with little regard.

The mountain scenery whizzed by the Android as he lead his brigade of warriors through the gray clouds and over rocky mountains. The rain didn't bother him much, but it hindered his troops' flight paths slightly. There were roughly 11500 android grunts flying with him and together they made an imposing threat moving through the sky. Each Android was similarly built with color coordinated armor which was black. 3,500 of them were normal androids with normal strengths, but 8,000 of them had specialized weapons and abilities, making them untouchable by ordinary men.

They were coming close to the target zone, and Android 29 was pleased that he would finally capture Trunks' time pod once and for all. Only a machine like that could make such a unique power he deduced while soaring over a mountain.

"Android 29, sir!" Commander Black called, he was just up ahead scouting out the terrain.

"What is it?" 29 said stopping in mid air next to him.
Black Brigade would have to catch up with them, so the pair of androids had a few moments to speak to one another.

"My recorder is detecting two very powerful ki's up head, and one of them is the Super Saiya-jin."

"You warned me about this? Android 27 is on his way so he will be no threat to us, all I want is the Time pod."

"Sir, the Super Saiya-jin's power has greatly increased… and the other one is almost as strong as yours."

Android 29 was shocked, "Impossible! Your Recorder must be malfunctioning again, we will proceed as planned."

"Yes sir."
The rest of Black Brigade had caught up with its commander, and Commander Black directed them to get into formation and prepare for an attack. Android 29 had already flown ahead to meet the two powerful ki's, and see them for himself. As the androids got into an attack pattern, their leader 29 neared the plateau and landed.

The plateau was empty save for figures standing opposite of 29, it was Trunks and Mirai no Trunks, and both were Super Saiya-jins. Android 29 flexed his muscles and cracked his neck to loosen the metal joint in his skull.

"I don't know who your friend is Trunks, but this ends here and now." 29 boasted to his foes with much overconfidence.

"No, 29, this battle will end in our favor." Mirai no Trunks countered.

Trunks was ready to do battle, his eyes scanned the Android up and down from head to toe to tendril. He was about to spring forth, but then his future counterpart stopped him with a mere look and phrase, "He's mine."

Trunks nodded, "Then I guess I get the troops then?"
Mirai no Trunks nodded.
The ground began to crack as Android 29 seemed to power up. Debris and pebbles floated into the air around him, and a calm expression was on the Android's face. The troops were descending upon them, so that was Trunks' cue to take off and move the battle away from the two combatants.

Trunks took to the air at an amazing rate, and flew by Commander Black, his fist coming into contact with the android's head. Commander Black was knocked downward and the androids opened fire on the Saiya-jin. The laser fire deflected off of Trunks' golden aura and hit other androids, killing dozens at a time. The masses of Androids regrouped into a new formation and started turning up the power on their guns.

Trunks wove nimbly around streams of fire, but some hit upon his aura and stung his skin. Another level of power higher they would start to break skin, so the Super Saiya-jin decided to return fire. Letting loose a tremendous ki beam, the explosion took out over a thousand androids in a matter of seconds, causing the surrounding 'droids to scatter in various directions.

Trunks grinned, this was going to be a piece of cake.

* * * * *

Android 29 could see his brigade stood no chance against the other warrior, so he had to strike Trunks quickly before the other warrior finished otherwise he would be double teamed. 29 leapt with great speed at his foe, Mirai no Trunks, bringing his fist forward to strike the Saiya-jin in the jaw, but the move failed to connect. Instead Mirai no Trunks stepped to the side, and by sticking his leg out tripped the tall android. 29 fell to the ground, only to push himself upward again.

The two fighters clashed again, the Super Saiya-jin wasn't showing any mercy in his fight. 29 took a jab to the chest, followed up by a kick to the cheek, which sent him sailing into a cliff side. Rock sprayed into the air as the android tore himself loose again. 29 was relentless, and he charged Mirai no Trunks once again, driving his fist into the Super Saiya-jin head. Mirai recovered quickly and surged forth to grab a hold of 29 by the waist. The Saiya-jin spun around like a top and tossed the tall android into the air.

29 was stunned and rather dizzy for a few moments, but was awakened by the vicious kick to the back that Mirai no Trunks gave him. The android was kicked higher into the air, and he was no happy. Charging up a ball of ki in his hand he flung it at his foe in an effort to slow him down. Mirai no Trunks ascended, his hands chopping small balls of ki out his way into the ground below, causing more rock to spray and more smoke to flow. 29 increased the rate of fire, performing the Niejinu technique, in which he spewed forth thousands of ki "bullets" to shower Mirai no Trunks.

Shielding his eyes Mirai no Trunks was blinded for a moment, and he couldn't see the giant beam of ki coming at him. 29's blast shot Mirai no Trunks downward into the rocky plateau, driving him into the earth. The android grinned a little bit, wiping some blood from his lip. His victory was short lived as the entire plateau exploded, the flat surface became rounded, contouring to the golden aura that surrounded Mirai no Trunks. 29 panicked, the blast hadn't finished off the Super Saiya-jin, but didn't have time to think, because he was barreling straight up at him.

"This can not b--" 29 started, but was interrupted by a blow to the gut.

"Your life ends here!" Mirai shouted, drawing his sword.
The blade came into the Saiya-jin's hands and he slashed at the android's chest, driving the blade across skin. The blade raked against metal under skin, and ruptured blood capsules, causing the slash wound to bleed. Mirai no Trunks continued to spin his blade about, cutting more and more into the Android, until it could stand no more and blasted him back.

29's outer skin was in shambles, and only his head remained uncut. He growled in anger, because he had never allowed himself to be cut this badly before. His internal parts were damaged from too many blows, so he decided he needed to buy some time till Android 27 got to his position and helped him.

* * * * *

The Resistance factions in the east had unified in the last few months, and they had decided to launch a surprise attack on Gold Brigade. To their horror Android 27 had been with the brigade when they thought he was not. To fight an Android openly was suicide, but as luck would have it 27 left the battle thinking his troops had won it.

The Resistance numbered 13,000 souls, but it only looked like 4,000 of them were actually fighting, the other 9,000 launched a surprise attack on the Android army after their leader had left for the north. Android 27 could sense the destruction of his troops, but the distress call he had received from 29 was urgent.

"Probably having problems with Trunks again." 27 concluded as he passed over a wide stretch of forest.

An elderly woman looked up as the android passed over head and over the mountain. She had been married to a Saiya-jin so many years ago, but now she had grown eccentric and isolated in her old age. Her son had been killed by androids, and her world had fallen apart.

Android 27 could sense the air was getting colder now, and in a few more moments he was would at the target area. Each android had a ki recorder built into their head to detect powerful ki's, and 27 decided to turn his on.

"No way." He stammered.
There were two very powerful ki's just ahead, and they were legitimate. Android 27 thought his recorder was damaged, but everything was fully operational. He decided to transmit a message back to the Red Ribbon Stronghold, but the storm and the ambient power that surrounded him was disrupting his signal.

The rain was very cold, and when 27 arrived it had turned to snow. The mountains loomed beneath him, but he didn't care to look at the scenery just now. The two powers were nearby, but he couldn't get a lock on them.

"Where the hell is Black Brigade?" 27 said to himself.
"I destroyed them all." Trunks called, from below.
Android 27 looked down, spotting the half Saiya-jin for the first time. Android 27 was in disbelief, and he would have swept down to attack, but his recorder looked onto the other Trunks and his comrade Android 29. 27 responded to Trunks plainly, "Sorry, but I don't have any time for you, I have a Super Saiya-jin to crush!"

Android 27 rocketed towards Mirai no Trunks, only to be stopped by a fierce upper cut. Trunks had blurred right in front of the android, his rage sent him over the top, and his hair exploded into a gold color, "I am a Super Saiya-jin!"

Trunks yelled, his muscles bulging slightly, and his shirt ripped in a few places. He was over doing it, and he decided to calm down a bit. Android 27 was speechless, but a snarl of rage soon came to his face.

"So there are two of you now huh?"
Trunks yelled out a battle cry and soared towards the gold skinned android, with a look of determination that could make feeble men move mountains. The battle came down to just four fighters, and the Saiya-jins were determined to turn the tides of this war.

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