Future Shock

A Ten Day Break

The resistance group didn't have much time to celebrate, because more androids would be on their way, and they would no doubt have ki breaker technology with them. Black Brigade hadn't been equipped with ki breakers, so Trunks considered himself lucky. In under an hour the group had gathered up their supplies and loaded them into whatever Capsule Corporation air craft they could find. The signal jammer, which was a large satellite dish on the mountain side had come in handy, blocking 27 messages, but it had to be abandoned.

The soldiers hadn't taken the time to unload the cargo holds of the time pod, so they would have to take the time later when they arrived in their southern base on Seafer Island. Saeris had sent a communication to the rebellion in the east, and they had reported a costly victory over Gold Brigade. Saeris instructed the remaining soldiers to meet then at Seafer Island by the end of the day.

Without further delay, Mirai no Trunks was at the helm of his time pod again, with his past counterpart on the seat next to him. Saeris had unloaded the back seat, and was on the com-channels directing the air craft to fly low to the ground to avoid detection.

It wasn't till they were traveling along the eastern coast that Trunks actually felt safe.

"So where is Seafer Island?" Trunks asked Saeris.
Saeris looked up from his laptop computer, "It's about... here."
Saeris turned his computer around to show Trunks a detailed map of the southern archipelago.

"It looks like its 5,000 kilometers south west of Kame-sennin's island, why are we going there?"

"The androids don't know we have a base there, and it's the last place they'll look." Saeris responded turning the computer back around.

The air craft hit a bit of turbulence and some more cargo shifted in the back again. Mirai no Trunks could have sworn he had secured everything back their, and he hoped nothing was broken.

"So that was android 27... he wasn't as tough as I thought he was going to be." Trunks commented to the other two.

"He's not the strongest android of the five, and neither was 29. Believe me, this was just a warm up. A good warm up, but a warm up nonetheless." Mirai replied, making the craft dive a little closer to the sandy beach.

"Why don't we fly normally Trunks?" Trunks asked his future counterpart.

"Too risky, their could be androids in the area with Recorders, and they could detect you, and give away the location of our base." Saeris responded in place of Mirai no Trunks.

The land suddenly cut out from under the craft and their was suddenly nothing but open ocean for miles ahead. Trunks turned his gaze to the clear blue ocean, this future wasn't so bad, he thought to himself, perhaps Mirai no Trunks was merely exaggerating the situation.

* * * * *

"Please, sir, I'm too tired to dance any more, I can please stop."

Android 26's sadistic grin was the only thing that the elderly man could focus on. He had been shifting his feet around in a sort of dance for the past eleven hours, and his toes were practically bleeding. 26 hummed to himself, his fingers touching upon each other in a sort of prayer stance, he was seated upon a comfortable chair, his feet propped up on a lavish ottoman.

The old man continued to shift his feet until he couldn't move any more and began to stop. He could barely breathe, he tried to take a break, but the android opened his eyes, revealing his pale blue eyes, "I did not say stop old man."

Before the exhausted man could reply, the android shot a narrow ki beam from his index finger below the man's feet, causing him to jump slightly. The man continued to dance with a new found strength, but it quickly died away and he collapsed on the ground in a heap, "I can not move my legs anymore sir."

26 was about to finish off the exhausted him, when the overhead shouted a message into the androids "throne room".

"Android 26, Android 28 is here to see you." The overhead declared.

"Marvelous, send her in."
With a wave of his hand the old man was blown sideways out the open windows that filled the walls of the "throne room". The room was basically a long hallway, with a red carpet in the middle. Tapestries adorned the walls, as well as exotic paintings and open windows. The ceiling was high, and the walls were made of heavy stones. At one end was the throne of the self proclaimed, "king" of the city, Android 26, and at the opposite were a set of massive, red double-doors, with an android sentry posted on both sides.

26 had a fascination with medieval structures, and he forced the human population of the Southern capital to build him a castle, which hovered about a mile above the growing metropolis of humans. Android 30 had designed a system of propulsion similar to the Hikou technique that each android possesses.

Above his throne, a masterfully crafted stain glass portrayed the rise of the five androids and their victory over the "evil" Super Saiya-jin, in an almost biblical manner. 26 continued humming his tune, thinking of new games to run his human slaves through later that day. His tune was interrupted by the entrance of the Android 28.

"Dear dear sister, what brings you to my home?" 26 asked in a nice and polite tone.

"Have you heard the news, Android 27 and 29 were both destroyed in the northern mountains, yesterday."

26 remained completely calm, "Just rebuild them then, I'm sure it was an accident on their part."

"We would if we could but we can't, there's nothing left."
"What do you mean there's nothing left?"
28 crosses her arms over her chest, "Its just that, there's nothing, Garo is estimating that they were destroyed by Trunks, and he's probably right."

Android 26 sneered, "That old hero can't beat two of us at once, 27 and 29 are probably hiding out somewhere having finished off the Super Saiya-jin, they're waiting to come back and gloat and make us look bad."

28 was disgusted by 26's carefree attitude, "This is serious you fool, Trunks went back in time after 30 and there's no telling how powerful he has become. He might have single-handedly finished off 27 and 29."

"Impossible, Garo did estimates, and calculated that the Super Saiya-jin had nearly reached his maximum potential. Any boost in power he would receive would be negligible if he fought two of us."

Android 28 brushed a loose strand of hair aside and walked up to the oddly colored android, "30 says that you need to be on full tactical alert for the next five days, understood?"

By the throne there was a computer console which looked rather out of place, and a voice came from it interrupting the androids' conversation, "Android 26, sir," Garo started, "We have received a rather unique package from an unknown sender."

"A package?"
"Yes sir, it is gift wrapped, and I have scanned it for any signs of explosions, but I have found none, shall I send it up?"

26 was delighted, "I always did love gifts."
The double doors opened up and an android sentinel came into the throne room with a present the size of an average sized trash can. The sentinel approached the throne, and handed Android 26 the gift. 28 stepped back a little cautious of the package, but 26 dove right into it, ripping apart the colorful paper and ribbon.

He opened the lid of the naked box to see the contents of package, and his eyes widened, "Well sister, I do believe you were right."

28 approached the package and peered inside. She moved her hands into the box to pull out the contents, her fingers wrapping around a tendril, she pulled the severed head of android 29 from the depths of the box. A pair of eyes rolled out from the box as 26 tipped it over to dump the rest of the contents.

"I think we do have a problem." Android 26 concluded.

* * * * *

Relocating to Seafer Island was far simpler than Trunks had thought it would be, and there was little for him to do at the moment. The crews were unloading the contents of the time pod, so he decided to do some exploring to pass the time.

Mirai no Trunks said it was okay for him to leave the island as long as he stuck to the eastern coast and didn't try and do anything stupid. Trunks agreed, and left the rebels to their unloading processes. The base on Seafer was well concealed by a dense jungle, and the complex was mostly underground. They had landed the ship on a pad and quickly got it into a hanger, where they could begin to unload.

Mirai no Trunks thought he could kick back and relax, when a young soldier came running up to him.

"Sir, someone's stowed away in the time pod."
"What?" Mirai asked doubtfully, "Who?"
"A young girl, around 19 or 20."
Mirai no Trunks shook his head, "I can't believe she would do something so foolish, bring her up to me."

Mirai no Trunks was relaxing in the mess hall of the base, when two armed guards escorted Reyna into his presence. Mirai was finishing off a quick meal when he looked up to find her standing before him.

"Get off me, you grunts." Reyna demanded, pushing her guards away, "Trunks tell them to leave me alone."

Mirai no Trunks groaned quietly and nodded to the guards to leave, "Reyna, why did you sneak onto the ship?"

"I thought you guys could use my help, besides I couldn't stand being left behind on such a great adventure."

Mirai no Trunks was quite upset, "Adventure? This is serious! This isn't a game, I'm going to have to take you back home now."

"You can't."
"Oh? Give me one good reason?"
"If you travel back in time, the androids will learn the location of this base, because your ship produces an enormous amount of power."

Mirai no Trunks was dumbstruck, "How did you know that?"
"I heard some of the soldiers talking."
Reyna smiled a bit and sat down, she wasn't hungry because she had helped herself to some of the supplies in the cargo hold. Mirai finished off his meal and looked at her for a few moments, he was thinking to himself.

"If you're going to stay here, you're going to have to help out around here in any way you can."

Reyna nodded, she was happy to lend a helping hand, "Of course."

"Report to Saeris, he might have a few tasks for you to do."

* * * * *

Chi Chi was going about her daily duties, as pointless as they were. We washed the dishes and set things in their proper place, just as they had always been. She recalled the flying man that flew above her house three days ago, and she thought of her late husband. She felt compelled to cry, but she held back the tears.

It was a lonely life she led, but she was thankful she hadn't moved to the awful cities where Androids frequently attacked. No she couldn't stand those androids any longer not after what they did to her son. It was times like these that made her sad and apathetic and she could do little else than clean her empty household.

She decided to go for a little walk to her favorite spot and watch the sun set, as it routinely did every evening around that time. She left her home and walked down a worn path past a grove of trees and up a hill. On this particular hill there were three graves, each one marked accordingly with a name.

The one of the left belonged to her husband, Son Goku, and the other belonged to her only son, Son Gohan. Next to Gohan's on the far right there was her father's grave. He had passed on many years before of natural causes, and Chi Chi was thankful that was just that, natural causes.

Her husband had been a warrior, and he died so many years ago from a disease to the heart. She could remember it well, but it was so long ago. Her husband's influence had turned her only son into a warrior too, but battle took her warrior son's life as well. Gohan had been crippled and when he died it was too much for her to handle.

She had pleaded and fought Gohan's warrior tendencies from the start, but she knew that if her son had not stood up to oppose the androids no one would have. But now there were only more androids than before, and nothing could stop them. She had no hope left.

She sat down watching the stars come out, one by one, and she relaxed thinking upon old times. Someone came up the hill, and she could have sworn it was Goku, so she rushed down to greet him, only to find it was a young man with purple hair.

"Greetings." Trunks said to the elderly woman.
"Goku?" Chi Chi asked hopefully, her mind was enfeebled and she could not tell.

Trunks looked at her strangely, he knew she had slipped away in his time period, but he had no idea it had gotten this bad.

"Oh Goku I knew it was you, you've come back after so long, I was worried sick."

Trunks was speechless as Chi Chi hugged him tightly.
"I have your favorite dish prepared for you, and you can eat it as soon as Gohan gets back from school. He works so hard you know."

Trunks smiled a bit and patted Chi Chi on the head, he decided to humor her for the moment, "Of course."

Chi Chi lead Trunks back down the hill towards the house and went inside, "You've been away for the longest time, I was so worried."

Trunks sat down at the table and Chi Chi walked over to the counter, the food was all gone, the dishes were all put away, and she didn't know why, "I could have sworn..."

"Don't worry about it Chi Chi."
She turned around, her eyes were filled with tears, "I don't know what came over me. I thought you were Goku..."

Trunks got up to comfort her, she was a wreck, but anyone would be after having everyone they cared about die. She regained her senses for the moment, and recognized Trunks as Trunks from that moment on. They talked all night about old times, and the battles that were ahead. Chi Chi asked if Trunks would be her guest for the next few days, and he agreed wholeheartedly.

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