Future Shock

The Southern Capital

The androids had been on their toes for the past eight days after the deaths of both 29 and 27, and Android 30 had spent most of his time in the accelerator chamber of the Red Ribbon Stronghold. The chamber was a perfect hollowed out sphere, where ambient energy from the surrounding planet was drained away a little bit each day and transferred into whoever was standing at the center of the sphere. The Super computer had thought up the concept and what was left of it remained in the chamber.

"Android 30, your body can not synch anymore power, so you are simply wasting your time here." The computer called over the intercom.

Android 30 seemed to be a trance, but he opened his eyes finally to respond to the shattered memory files of the Super Computer, "There has to be a way to get stronger."

"You have reached your maximum potential."
"Have Garo run a comparative analysis on my current power level and that of Trunks'."

The super computer was silent for a time, but it responded about a minute later, "Garo has estimated that at your current peak, you are still 15% weaker in all stats compared to the estimated power of the Super Saiya-jin."

"Damn it!" 30 shouted thrusting his arms to the side, "Is there any possible way that I can modify my power?"

"Negative, with only one Saiya-jin DNA matrix, your power has reached its apex, and any further increase at your current level would result in heavy damage."

Android 30 walked towards the door, and slammed his fist against it, leaving a visible dent in it. He opened the door, but before he exited he had a revelation, "Computer, what if I were to have a second DNA matrix?"

"Garo estimates that your power would then greatly surpass the Super Saiya-jin's, but the only flaw with that plan is that one you don't have the technology to absorb another matrix, and a secondary flaw is that we have no spares."

30 grinned to himself thinking of the other two androids, "We do have spares computer, one way or another we will have some."

* * * * *

Chi Chi was just setting out breakfast for herself and Trunks when a stranger came to the door. He knocked several times before she answered it, and to her surprise it was another Trunks. She realized now that what Trunks had told her about being from the past and all that was truth.

"Trunks? What brings you here?" Chi Chi asked him.
"Is... Trunks here?"
"Why as a matter of fact he is."
Chi Chi led Mirai no Trunks into her home through the kitchen to Gohan's old room. She opened the door to reveal that Trunks was still asleep on Gohan's bed. Mirai no Trunks hadn't visited the Son household in ages, and he was surprised to see that his old master Gohan's room was perfectly in tact. Trunks snored rather loudly and Mirai no Trunks couldn't bare to listen to him for very long.

Trunks got a rude awakening as he was slapped on the back of the head by his future counterpart, "What the?"

"Wake up Trunks, we need to get going." Mirai demanded.
Trunks got up and looked for his clothing, but it was in the wash. Mirai no Trunks had brought him some clothing, a plain yellow t-shirt and jeans. He also gave Trunks a black jacket that had its sleeves torn off.

"This is all we could spare for the moment." Mirai no Trunks stated plainly as his counter part got dressed.

"Why are we both wearing such plain clothing?" Trunks asked curiously.

The young warrior turned around to face his older self when he coat a large brown cloak in the face. It was a large robe with a hood, sort of like a monk would wear, and Trunks noticed that Mirai no Trunks was wearing the exact same kind of robe.

"What's with the cloaks?" Trunks asked putting his on.
"These are standard issue to all the citizens of the Southern capital."
"Why do we need them?"
Chi Chi had stepped out of the room to fetch some tea for her two guests, and she knocked on the door. She didn't bother to wait for an answer, and she simply barged right in, and set the tea down on the bed.

"We're going to sneak into the city and take out Android 26 before he has a chance to call for back up." Mirai no Trunks responded watching Chi Chi as she went about her work.

"That's stupid, all we need to do is fly to Android 26 and clobber him, we don't need to sneak around at all."

"Are you stupid? If we fly too close to the city, they'll detect us, and Green brigade will be deployed, along with ki breaker technology.

Trunks frowned, he knew Mirai no Trunks was right, but he hated sneaking around, it was far to risky. Mirai no Trunks' arm had been healed, leaving a circular scar in its place. His sleeves were rolled up for the moment to reveal it. Chi Chi sat down on the bed and had a cup of tea, she then in turn handed a cup to Trunks and Mirai no Trunks.

"All this talk of battle..." She said quietly, "You two don't need to be fighting over such little details."

"She's right." Mirai no Trunks agreed.
Trunks nodded as well, "I think we can sneak into the city and once we've located Android 26 we can take him out as quickly as possible."

"We already know that he resides in a castle above the city, which is suspended using Hikou technology. A crew of workers boards a craft every afternoon and flies to the castle. We're going to hitch a ride on the craft, and once we're inside, we'll be able to take Android 26 out as quickly as possible."

"What about Green Brigade?" Trunks asked.
"Their garrison is below the castle, so once we take out 26, you're job is to blow them up before they can use ki breakers, got it?"

Trunks rolled his eyes, "So I'm on clean up again huh?"
Mirai no Trunks grinned and drank some tea, "That's right."

* * * * *

Sneaking into the city was rather easy, though the gate sentries almost caught Trunks because he tripped over another member of the crowd. There was a massive crowd that came into the city every afternoon for a lunch break. Android 26 had instituted a work program for the unemployed, in which they would toil for hours in mineral mines outside of the city. Trunks and his counterpart had come back with the workers on their break, and could ditch the group easily as soon as they got to the main area of the city.

The buildings rose high up into the air, and the streets were clean, it would have been ideal, but the city was devoid of any real culture. It was nothing but static, rectangular buildings, all equal in size practically. People walked down the streets, going about their daily routines.

"Be careful now Trunks, the sensory eyes are watching every inch of the city for any felonies." Mirai no Trunks said calmly, nonchalantly pointing a floating orb that was positioned above the street.

"Let me guess," Trunks replied, "If we commit any crime, an android will come and arrest us?"

Trunks noticed now that there was an android guardian on each street corner ready to halt any crime. They crossed the street along with another hooded mass of people, only to have a random person race by them. The orb above them sounded an alarm, and several android guards rushed the person to subdue him.

No one dared look as the androids beat the person up, the orb resounded, "You are running above the tolerated speed limit for humans, you will be punished."

"We have to help him." Trunks said through gritted teeth.
"We can't give ourselves away this quickly Trunks, we need to get to the hover craft."

Trunks looked away as the androids continued to pummel the helpless pedestrian, knowing there was nothing he could do. He looked forward and turned to go down a different street. Mirai no Trunks was silent, he could tell that his future counterpart was upset as well. Together the two crossed the street with another crowd of people, and then broke away from them.

A voice resounded from above, "Citizens of the Southern Capital, you have 2 minutes to get to your designated homes. It is time for lunch. Anyone caught outside will be punished."

"This is madness." Trunks raged, he was about to blast a random orb, when Mirai no Trunks preemptively stopped him.

"We're here."
"Good, now lets get this Android."
They had turned the corner and immediately found themselves in a moderately sized line that lead into a hover craft. The wait was not long, because the workers rapidly filed into the craft so they could avoid lunch time curfew. Beatings were particularly bad, Trunks imagined just remembering that pedestrian so he understood why they were in a hurry.

In no time at all everyone was seated in a rather uncomfortable chair inside the belly of the hover craft. The android pilots started up the vessel and soon they were lifting up into the sky. There was only one window in the belly, and Trunks was fortunate enough to be sitting next to it. Mirai no Trunks remained silent, so Trunks decided to look out the window as the ground loomed in the distance, and the sky surrounded them on all sides.

It wasn't long before the ship stopped rising and locked into place. A magnetic clamp had a hold of the ship so the workers were free to exit the ship without fear of it falling suddenly. The exiting procedure was rather slow compared to the entrance procedure so it took them awhile to get out into the main hanger.

The area was huge and filled with equipment for building androids and weapons. It was the job of the humans to build both, and they were forced to get to work as soon as possible. Trunks didn't intend to lift a finger to help in the creation of androids, so he decided to have a look around first.

The ceilings were high, and in the center of the hanger was a slit where ships docked with the floating base. There were a couple of ships waiting to be used, some damaged, others needed to be completed, and some were only bits and pieces of a ship. Mirai no Trunks removed the hood from his heads, and looked to Trunks. Both of them had stepped away from the crowd, and several android sentries were walking towards them to question them.

"Are you ready?" Mirai no Trunks asked his comrade.

"Lets do this."

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