Future Shock

A Duel of Strengths, Trunks vs. Android 26

  Trunks tossed the cloak away from him, revealing his normal clothing underneath. The androids had taken aim with their sentry guns and started firing on the young half Saiya-jin only to have each energy shot deflect off his skin. Trunks folded his arms over his chest, his aura surged a bright golden, and with a glance the android sentries were tossed backward to the far wall of the bay area. Trunks blinked and the androids shattered to pieces, a grin was centered on his face as they fell into a heap of scrap.

"Everyone, get back into the ship!" Mirai shouted to the confused crowd of people.

"What is going on?" One of the workers shouted, "What have you done?"

"I am Trunks, and today I'm going to destroy this fortress and its ruler."

Several workers shouted and the mob began to pile back into the cruiser. Mirai no Trunks opened the cockpit doors and looked over the controls. They were fairly simple to comprehend, and it wasn't long before he was able to access the auto-pilot controls. Mirai no Trunks punched in some coordinates into the computer, and activated them once the workers had finished re-boarding the craft.

"We can't destroy this place with innocent civilians inside." Mirai no Trunks told his younger self, and Trunks agreed completely.

The doors shut and the clamp released the hover craft, the ship's computers kicked in and it would take the passengers north, over the seas to the mainland and sent down on the beach. Now there were no humans left in the castle, just androids and half Saiya-jins, this was the kind of situation Mirai no Trunks loved.

Together the two of them left the cargo bay, destroying android sentries without any difficulty as they ransacked the fortress. They turned down empty hallways of gray metal, to end up down another set of hallways. The hallways were no marked, but Mirai no Trunks knew where to go, because he had studied the structure of the castle in advance.

"Why don't we destroy this castle now?" Trunks asked as they turned around a corner.

"I want to find Android 26 first, once we find him, this place is toast."

They rounded the final corner, and the metallic hallways disappeared only to be replaced by stone ones that widened out to all room for two massive double doors.

Android 26 had brought several of the cities best warriors to face him, each was skilled in the martial arts, but none could even make him flinch despite scoring hundreds of hits on him. 26 laughed as some fell from exhaustion, and in the end he killed them all, with simple snaps to the neck, or close range ki blasts. He delighted in his seemingly god-like status, but his party was over, the warriors were dead, and the fun had seemed to end there and then.

That is, until the double doors came crashing down.
Android 26 was sitting on his thrown as an explosion racked the fortress, causing stones to fall from the ceiling and glass to shatter. The stained glass mockery that stood above his throne shattered in an instant as Mirai no Trunks and Trunks entered the "throne room".

"Now isn't this interesting. Trunks has brought his younger brother it seems. Or could it be himself from the past?"

Mirai no Trunks countered before Trunks could even open his mouth to speak, "I see news travels fast."

"Now... if you think I'm going to go down as easily as 27 and 29 did, you are sorely mistaken. Do you remember last time we fought? I didn't need help beating you to a bloody pulp."

Mirai no Trunks grinned, "The only reason you were able to beat me to a bloody pulp is because those ki breaker guardians had shot me up so badly I couldn't even see straight."

Android 26 snarled, he leapt off his throne and planted his feet on the ground. He was preparing to charge, but Trunks had a better idea. The younger Trunks spread his arms out, and unleashed a massive aura that shattered the room around him. The Aura flare disintegrated the fortress in the blink of an eye, androids and all. The sky suddenly surrounded each one of them, and small debris of the sky castle rocketed to the ground.

Mirai no Trunks was suddenly under attack as Android 26 flew straight at him to unleash a combination of fierce punches and kicks, which the half Saiya-jin took. Trunks was about to fly to help out his future counter part, but a green light grazed his ear, drawing blood from it almost at once.

The garrison below had been alerted almost at once, and androids with Ki breaker technology had already been deployed. Trunks spun around and unleashed a ring of golden ki energy, that exploded on contact with the garrison. The ring sent a shock wave out shaking the ground surrounding what was left of the garrison. However that didn't solve Trunks' problem, because there were still hundreds of androids flying straight for him.

* * * * *

Android 30 was undergoing a massive upgrade when a message popped directly into his brain. Android 26 was under attack, and he needed back up at once from both himself and Android 28. At that point in time, Android 30's entire torso cavity was exposed to the surgical team of androids that surrounded him. His electronic nervous system was shut down, so he didn't experience pain, he didn't want to be distracted as he oversaw the upgrades to himself.

"I want you to shut down my pain sensors, they distract too much from combat, and are simply not needed." 30 instructed Garo, who was also overseeing the upgrading procedure.

"Sir, the absorption technology is very primitive, because it was thought of as a failure by Doctor Jero."

Replying to Garo, 30 said, "This is greatly improved, it will essentially allow me to switch off any of my android brethren and then extract their chips, energy, and DNA matrix."

"May I point out now sir, that if we do not help Android 26, he very well maybe destroyed."

30 reached into his torso to adjust the blood processor, or what could be described as his android heart. It had been slightly dislodged since his previous battle, and it needed to be readjusted. His fingers traced along the metallic ribcage that made his structure superior to any fleshling creature, and he rested his hands onto top of center of his chest.

"Put the device I talked about here."
Garo replied, "Yes, sir, but don't you think the device is a little too drastic?"

"Do not worry Garo, even if 26 fails, I'll still have Android 28. I shall absorb her and become strong enough to where I shall never have to use it. Besides, Android 26 is always boasting on how he is the strongest android, so I say let him prove it."

Android 30 folded his arms behind his chest as the robotic workers continued to upgrade his systems, pulling apart synthetic muscle, and dismantling metallic skeleton. It would take a few days for him to be completed, but the end result would be worth it. His form would be slightly more bulkier than before that this was over, something that didn't bother Android 30 at all.

"Tell Android 28 to remain in the north west. Tell her that if she meets up with Trunks that she needs to report back to the Red Ribbon Stronghold at once."

"Of course sir, your message will be sent immediately."
Android 30 shut his eyes, and let the android workers continue in peace.

* * * * *

Mirai no Trunks spat up blood, but he wasn't about to be taken down by cheap android tricks.

Android 26 had continued to pummel on him, without taking a break. The sadistic android knew that he had to tire out his foe, because it was the only way to beat him. Mirai no Trunks hadn't gotten the opportunity to move on his own for the first three minutes of battle, and their course was taking them towards the outskirts of the city.

Android 26 soared towards his foe, feet first to try and kick Mirai across the jaw, but the grown warrior finally managed to counter. Mirai no Trunks' fingers wrapped around the hilt of his blade, and quicker than an average man can blink, his blade was free of its sheathe and steadied in front of him.

Android 26 spun around, his green mohawk reflected some of the afternoon's sun, and he looked down at his leg. There was a deep cut in its side where Mirai no Trunks' quick draw had inadvertently slashed him across the leg. It bled Saiya-jin blood/fuel now, and the sight of the Android's own blood only enraged him further, "How dare you draw blood from me!"

"I'm going to draw a lot more when I'm through with you!"
Mirai no Trunks surged forward, phasing from view for a moment to upper cut the android at close range with his blade. The sword scraped along the Android's armor, but only scratched it. To retaliate the Android kneed the older Trunks in the stomach, a blow that sent him flying backwards.

Android 26 did not waste any time, and soon he tackled Trunks in mid air, and fell like a comet towards a skyscraper, driving the both of them downward, floor after floor after floor. They crashed through the ceiling of the ninth floor, and Mirai no Trunks managed to chop the larger Android off of him, allowing him time to recover.

26 came crashing through the wall, Mirai no Trunks right on his heels. The building collapsed behind them, and now it was a game of chase as Android 26 bounced from rooftop to rooftop trying to tire the half Saiya-jin out.

The Android thought he was pretty clever in doing so, but he got a rude awakening as Mirai no Trunks' blade came flying at him, stabbing him in right leg. The android faltered and fell off a building top, falling down towards the street below him. He impacted with the pavement, and quickly got to his feet, his pale blue eyes turning to the sky. Mirai no Trunks' figure was outlined in the light of the noonday sun, and for a moment he seemed like a still statue, but that moment was severely fleeting.

26 flew into the air, a blast of ki shot him upwards from the ground, he was intent on ramming into his foe again, but this time he would be head first. Mirai no Trunks' eyes widened as 26 barreled towards him, and he quickly held his blade right above him, waiting for the right moment to strike.

In a few moments, Android 26's head collided with Trunks' chest, and both of them rocketed into the sky. 26's body felt numb for some reason, and he quickly stopped his ascent, his palms striking out to blast Mirai away from him. The half Saiya-jin was knocked to about 5 yards away from the android, and to his surprise his hair reverted back to a purple color.

"I... Knew... it, you're completely out of... power." Android 26 coughed out, but he could barely speak.

"No, I'm not that hurt, but I'm afraid that you are."
Android 26 could feel a sharp pain in his head, and his left hand felt the top of his head. To the android's horror Trunks had buried the sword in his head. The blade's hilt stuck out of his head, and the shaft of the blade pierced all the way down his neck and into his chest cavity.

Mirai no Trunks blurred for a split second and reappeared just above 26's head. Both of the half Saiya-jin's hands gripped around the hilt of the blade, and in one fluid motion, he pulled the sword from the android's body. 26's motor functions had cut out, and he was rapidly losing power.

"You... bastarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...."
Android 26's eyes went blank and rolled back into his head. His robotic body went limp and fell from the sky, plummeting to the earth once again. Mirai no Trunks waved his hand to send few bursts of energy towards the lifeless body. The blasts exploded on contact, shattering the body to pieces, because with no mind to control the defenses the android's body was worthless and vulnerable.

There was fighting all over the city, as Trunks single-handedly took down every last ki breaker android. His skin was covered in burns, and it bled, for even he wasn't fast enough to evade all their shots. The two warriors met above the city an hour later, and the watched over the city as people filed out from their homes to find that their android oppressors had all been wiped out. Mirai no Trunks seemed pleased now.

"So now we take out 28 and 30 huh?" Trunks asked his comrade.
"There's no rush now, we'll take a break, and then in five days, we will fight the final fight."

That night there was merriment and celebration as there had never before been seen in the city, as tens of thousands of people sang songs, danced, and carried on into the night. After years of being denied these pleasures, the crowd felt like kids again who had just escaped the rules of their overbearing parents. Trunks joined in the festivities, as did the resistance when it arrived with supplies for the people. Trunks was surprised and excited to find that Reyna was with them, and the two of them partied the night away. Only Mirai no Trunks chose to remain by himself, occasionally talking with some of the crowd, and occasionally with his student Saeris. From time to time, Reyna had observed, Mirai no Trunks watched her intently, and she wondered just why she had not met her future counter part yet.

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