Future Shock

Final Preparations

  Celebration was cut short, as it so often is, and the southern capital had to be abandoned. Android raiders came from the north on one particular day, three days after 26 died, but were easily destroyed by Trunks. The half Saiya-jin seemed to be holding all the cards for the moment, and for the first time in a long time the resistance was making bold moves to overthrow their robotic oppressors. Bases held by android soldiers were systematically being wiped out by rebel guerrillas, and word was spreading to all Four Corners of the world that Android 30's empire was rapidly collapsing.

Mirai no Trunks wasn't one to buy into rumors, because he knew for a fact, that it all took one android to rule a world of ordinary humans, and there were still two out there somewhere. Preparations were being made in every resistance encampment in the south, for a final push to the Red Ribbon Stronghold.

The fourth night after the south's liberation from android 26, the leaders of each of the factions had gathered on Seafer's Island to discuss their plan of attack on the Red Ribbon Stronghold. Trunks as well as his future counterpart were there, as well as Reyna and Saeris. 17 other humans gathered, representing the scattered factions of the southern resistance movement. A man by the name of General Yang was elected as their spokesperson, because he was the oldest and wisest, having had experience in war in his youth.

"I want to thank you all for coming, and I'll try to be brief." Saeris addressed the group quickly, spreading maps over the table.

The group had gathered in a simple room located in the base to discuss their plans. It was a dimly lit room, but there was enough light to clearly see the maps and diagrams that Saeris had placed all over the table.

"I and the general have spent a considerable amount of time working on this plan of attack, and if all goes according to plan, we'll be able to wipe the Red Ribbon Stronghold off the face of this planet." Saeris continued.

Upon the map there was a detailed picture of the Red Ribbon Stronghold, as well as topographic details of the surrounding area, "Gentlemen," the general remarked, "this is a detailed map of the stronghold and the surrounding area. We had determined that if we were to bring a sizeable strike force up through the southern rock faces and hold position we could avoid detection until we made a strike against the base."

A random leader spoke up, "Attacking the fortress is suicide, if Trunks couldn't attack it, what makes you think we ordinary people stand a chance?"

Saeris replied before anyone, "The stronghold's defenses were built only for Trunks, they detect ki, and because you ordinary people don't harness ki, we can get close without being detected if we take this trail over these small rock mountains."

Yang unrolled another scroll, but this one was detailed blue prints for the fortress, "We lost a good number of scouts to finally get a good idea of what's inside the stronghold. To summarize, we've discovered that there is a waste disposal pipeline leading from an axis point on the western wall of the stronghold."

Yang went into description of the pipeline, and Trunks simply looked at the detailed drawing of the stronghold. It was a massive pyramid structure, that started at a point and spread downward to form a square shape in the ground. He recalled that he had seen a model of it in Dr. Teris' lab in the past, and marveled at the massive size of it. At the north was the main entrance, and at the south was a small back entrance. The structure was nearly 150 stories high, from the bottom to the pointed top. One side of the structure was easily longer than 6 footballs fields placed edge to edge, and it contained an entire army of androids inside.

"What's your point?" Mirai asked Yang finally.
"My point is, that the pipeline leads to the stronghold defensive grid. We can attach explosives to the main generators and then blow them to pieces with only a slight risk of being detected."

"A slight risk?" Mirai no Trunks countered.
"The android have become so over confident in these past years, that they believe that a group of humans would never dare attack their fortress without the help of the Super Saiya-jin." Saeris replied.

"Wait a minute, so what happens next? After the defenses are down, do me and Trunks fly in and blow the sucker up?" Trunks asked.

Mirai no Trunks was the first to respond this time, "No, we have to invade and free all the prisoners first, then we can blow the thing to pieces. Mother is inside there and I intend to get her out alive."

Trunks nodded in agreement.
"What about Android 28?" Reyna added.
General Yang was happy to answer her question, "It going to take us a good day to march a strike force to the fortress through the mountains after we fly to its base, and during that time, both of Trunks and Trunks will pay Android 28 a visit."

Mirai no Trunks added, "Once we've dealt with her, we'll send word to the resistance and they can blow the stronghold's defenses. With any luck, Android 30 will leave the stronghold to help out 28, and then we can nail two birds with one stone."

Reyna didn't like this plan one bit, "What if 30 doesn't leave the base? What if he wipes out all of us in the blink of an eye before you guys can get to us?"

Trunks looked at Reyna, "What do you mean us? You're not going too are you?"

Reyna had a determined look on her face, "I certainly will, I promised to help out and I intend to."

"The two of you can quarrel later, we need to get underway soon, before we miss our window of opportunity. The androids are disoriented, and Android 28 is all alone in the north. We can take her out quickly enough and then the 30 will soon follow, but we have to act fast." Saeris announced.

"We can't afford to lose this one gentlemen and lady, the android will soon pay for the suffering they have visited on this planet." General Yang concluded, and the meeting continued.

* * * * *

Android 30 had been patched up nicely enough, and he was rather impressed with his new enhancements. He had spent the day in one of the many training rooms inside the Red Ribbon Stronghold. His speed and strength were at their peak, and anticipated that they would soon be rapidly improving. All that was left to do was send a message to Android 28, telling her to return to the stronghold for a special assignment. 5 days had passed since Trunks had slain the brutish Android 26, and it was well set into the afternoon when he decided to finally send the message.

30 dropped to the ground and walked over to the nearest console, he was dressed in ordinary clothing which was highly uncharacteristic for a leader such as he. He activated the station and spoke, "Garo, send a message to Android 28, instructing her to report back to the stronghold at once."

"I'm afraid I can't do that sir."
Android 30 glared down at the console, "And why not?"
"Because she has recently sent word that the Super Saiya-jin have arrived at her location, and have proceeded to tear apart her army."

"Why didn't you tell me this sooner!?"
"Because I received the message the second after you said my name, sir."

"You are a worthless computer system, Garo, why didn't I mentally receive her distress call?"

"Your mental link to the other androids had to be severed during your upgrade process sir, shall I tell her to stand her ground or return to the base?"

30 didn't even have to think about that statement, "Tell her to return to the stronghold immediately. Without her I'm finished!"

Garo was quiet for a moment, he had sent the message, and Android 30 was relieved when the computer told him that he had successfully sent he message to Android 28. Seconds later however his expression turned to hatred as Garo spoke the words, "I was unable to send the message, because I have lost contact with Android 28 completely."


* * * * *

The battle for the north was happening way too quickly for Android 28's liking, and she found herself shying away from the battle. Her trusted 2nd in command, Commander Blue hovered beside her at the back lines. The Super Saiya-jins had charged the brigade head on from the forests a hundred miles north of Ginger Town, or what was left of Ginger Town. Blue Brigade had swept through Ginger Town, killing its small population of people and reducing the buildings to mere ashes. The half Saiya-jin warriors had strong from the thick mass of trees to take the android army by surprise.

Ki attacks flew like bullets through the air as scores of androids were wiped away without any effort at all. Both of Trunks' maneuvered around ki breaker shots, that only slowed them down. Only a few struck them, but those few were shrugged off, and the bottom line was that in another minute or so all of Android 28's brigade would be wiped out.

She had little to no choice in the matter, she would do like 30 said and fly back to the stronghold. Commander Blue was awe struck as the Super Saiya-jin tore through the 25,000 androids like they were tissue paper. Their strength and speed was uncanny, and Commander Blue knew that if he didn't try and attack now, he would be standing all alone.

The Android commanders dropped downward into the fray, picking the older and scarred faced warrior first. His fist came into contact with the warrior's face, and the warrior shrugged the blow off. Commander Blue felt confident, but the older warrior simply swung his hand out in a chopping motion across his neck, to severe his robotic head from his robotic body.

Commander Blue fell to the ground as many other androids did with little to offer the half Saiya-jins in a way of a challenge. Two minutes had passed from that point until the sky was devoid of Androids, and Trunks clapped his hands together to get some of the dust off of them.

"Not bad." Trunks said checking himself over for scratches.
Mirai no Trunks was wearing the brown robes again, but Trunks was still wearing the same clothing he had worn the day he entered the Southern Capital, washed of course.

"Where's Android 28?" Mirai no Trunks asked cautiously.
"I thought I saw her run away."
"She's heading back to the stronghold. With any luck we can take her and 30 out of commission. Lets head for the stronghold now."

"Should we send a message to Saeris now?"

Mirai no Trunks nodded and he pulled an ear plug from his pocket and placed it in his ear. Once set inside his ear, a line extended from the device almost instantly to stop right in front of his face. He now wore a small head set complete with microphone. He spoke over the microphone and the transmitter inside the plug would send his message to Saeris.

"Saeris, we've taken care of Blue Brigade, but 28 escaped us, we think she's headed back to the stronghold. We're heading there now after her, I want you to go ahead with the plan."

It took a little while before Mirai no Trunks got a response, but Saeris responded, "You're right, we just stopped her at the southern entrance of the Stronghold, she's gone inside, General Yang has already sent a strike team of five into the tunnel system of the Stronghold."

"Then we're on our way, Trunks out."
Mirai no Trunks removed the plug from his ear and nodded to his younger comrade. His eyes were focused to the horizon to the south. This is it, he thought, the final battle.


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