Future Shock

Storming the Fortress

  Android 30 had assumed the worst, Android 28 had more than likely been killed by the Super Saiya-jins. His empire that had taken him years to build was crumbling to pieces, but he wasn't as panicked as he should be. He was slightly stronger than before, but not by much, and he was fully ready for battle. The Super Saiya-jins would strike at his fortress, a hard effort. 30 estimated that one of them would be killed, probably the younger one, and the other would be wounded to the point where Android 30 could defeat him.

Android 30 was decked out in his strongest armor yet, shoulder pads, metallic plates that had been forged to absorb the strongest blows. His armor was red and bore the Red Ribbon Symbol on it. He regretted however that the bottom portion of the armor was not complete so he were a red karate gi instead, his armor only covering his upper half. The final touch to his defenses as a device he placed over his right ear that he had deemed, the Retinal Amplification Device, or RAD as he nicknamed it. It would increase the power of his Blinding Flash attack by a hundred fold, giving him a much needed edge.

As a final resort, the device inside his chest would give him the ultimate victory should things go badly. To summarize all of 30's feelings into one word, that word would have to be, fearless.

"Sir, our scanners have indicated that the Super Saiya-jin are heading this way from the north, should I activate the protection grid?" Garo asked over the intercom.

"For once, you have a message that's important, Garo, and yes activate the grid."

In the depths of the stronghold, the generators that power the protection grid cranked to life, on the command of Garo. The sounds of power could be heard through out the generator, that is if there was anybody inside the room to hear it. However there soon was, because a grate on the floor was suddenly popped out of place, allowing a select group of humans access to the stronghold.

They moved silently as possible to avoid being detected, because Garo could pick up on certain noises if they were too loud. The group worked like clock work, pulling bombs from their satchels and clamping them to whatever structure seemed important in the room. Over Thirty charges were placed throughout the room and activated, and all that was required now was to start a timing sequence.

It was known that Garo was able to detect unknown energy signatures inside the stronghold, so once the bombs were activated the time limit would have to be cut short, or risk having the bombs being destroyed before they had a chance to go off. It was decided that the sequence should be 30 seconds once each of the charges were planted, the only risk is that the strike force may get trapped in the explosion.

The last charge was placed and the sequence was started, which signaled the groups' rapid dash back towards the grate and down the tunnels under the fortress to safety. Garo's sensors picked up the unusual energy coming from the generator room and quickly informed Android 30, who was still preparing for battle.

"Sir, my sensors have detected explosive energy charges coming from the generator room."

There was a sudden explosion coming from inside the base as the power generators were destroyed, and the defense grid out the stronghold shut down. Android 30 was enraged now, his calm attitude was quick to leave him, "What the hell was that!?"

"I believe the defensive grid has dropped, and my sensors indicate the Super Saiya-jin will be here any moment."

"Tell me something I don't know!"
"Very well, I have also detected the presence of Android 28 in the stronghold, she is headed here immediately."

Android 30 grinned evilly, "Perhaps this day will not be so bad after all."

* * * * *

"The grid is down!" Reyna shouted looking over the rock face she was hiding behind.

General Yang and Saeris both looked up to see the numerous gun turrets and cannons power down to a lifeless state. That was the single, it was time to attack the Red Ribbon Stronghold, and end this war once and for all. Saeris sounded the charge and sprang into the air, his ki taking him higher and higher. General Yang could not fly so he ran down the rocky bath to the base of the mountain, he was quite fast for an old man.

The total strike force numbered 70,000 armed men and women, each ready to battle to the death to destroy the Red Ribbon army. At one point Android 30's Red Brigade consisted of 61,000 android troops, but now it had been whittled down to 50,000 by previous battles. The explosion in the stronghold sent Red Brigade into a daze, giving the rebel forces the chance for a surprise attack.

Saeris led a force of 70 flyers into the air, humans who had been personally trained by himself and Mirai no Trunks. Today was the day, Saeris thought as the wind rushed through his hair. The human warrior halted in mid-air and cupped his hands back, and his fellow fighters mimicked his actions. Together they all fired numerous ki blasts drove numerous holes into the pyramid structure. These attacks served two purposes, the first was to damage the fortress itself, and two they were designed to give their ground troops access to interior of the Stronghold.

Reyna charged down with the troops, her hair blew in the wind as she ran down the slope towards the base. When the group was able to get to the base, they would have to charge across a wide open area half a mile long. There would be no cover for them to hide behind, so they would be susceptible to enemy fire, but hopefully they would receive the main back bone of their cause, Trunks, before that happened.

Before Reyna could reach the bottom the sounds of fire could be heard from all around. Androids had already exited the compound, and were positioning themselves in the air and on the ground to fire numerous shots at those coming down the mountain. Reyna ducked behind a rock as shots were fired just over her head.

What am I doing? She asked herself, she didn't know how she had arrived at this situation. In her mind, she had always pictured war as a romantic thing, but in reality it was not in the slightest. In that moment her life was dangling by the thread, because one stray shot could end it all. There were wounded around her, and she instinctively reached to pull them behind the boulder to safety.

Shots pelted the boulder, but never went through, giving Reyna a sense of security. She had at her side a medical kit, that allowed her treat the wounded. Saeris had made her take it along, but she had insisted that she wanted to fight and demanded she receive a weapon. At that point she had had a serious change of heart, but in her mind she wasn't a coward. Her mind drifted back to the battle, Saeris and his warriors were streaking through the sky, taking out androids left in right, giving the troops cover as they ran for the stronghold.

Her hands were placed on a bleeding wound of a random rebel who she had pulled to safety. She remembered now, how only days before she was only concerned about going to college and learning to become a doctor. She had no idea that treating the injured would be like this, and the experience was quite shocking.

Where was Trunks? She thought in desperation, they should arrive here any second, and her eyes were trained on the sky overhead. Suddenly a green light came streaking through the air, it was arching up and then downward again, straight towards her. She panicked, because the shot was going to explode right on top of her, and she could do nothing. She shut her eyes to await the inevitable.

The inevitable never came though, and after an eternity of waiting, she opened her eyes again to see her love, Trunks hovering over head. He grinned down at her, instantly dismissing all fears that she had of death. They didn't have time to talk, because there was still a battle going on all around. Trunks took one final look at her, and turned to face the fortress again, they had a battle to win.

* * * * *

Androids were dropping like flies as the Super Saiya-jins destroyed hundreds at time without any difficulty. Android 30 watched all this through his cameras without missing a beat, "So this is what you meant Dr. Jero. You had told me that an army was worthless compared to the power of the Saiya-jins."

"Sir, intruders have entered the compound in sections 26A, 28A, 29A, and 31A. We have also lost 70% of our forces."

"Tell what's left of the troops to remain in the fortress, and hold off the humans. They won't destroy the stronghold until they've freed the prisoners in the brig."

"How do you know this sir?" Garo asked 30.
"Why else would this structure still be here? The Super Saiya-jin Trunks wants to free his mother, how touching, but it will give me time--"

"Time for what?" Android 28 asked.
Android 30 turned away from the screen, to face Android 28. She had simply walked into his quarters, and 30 found it fortunate that she had not enter a few moments later, or else she would have overheard her plan.

Unaware of his plan, Android 28 ran across the room to embrace 30, her obsession with the leader of Red brigade was quite evident. Android 30 didn't look down at her, instead he simply patted her on the head, as if nothing was wrong. He spoke to her finally, "It is good to see you again 28."

"I'm so happy that you were not killed 30, the Saiya-jins are here, and the fortress is under attack, we have to stop them."

30 broke away from her slightly, turning his head away, "28, would you do anything to stop the Saiya-jins?"

She replied at once, "Yes, I would do anything."
"You don't know how happy I am that you said that."
Android 30's face darkened, and it made the female android scared to see him like this. She backed up against the wall as he walked towards her slowly, and for some reason she was unable to move. When Dr. Teris designed the androids, he knew he had to make them totally obedient to his will. When Teris placed his brain inside the body of Android 30, he added a unique enhancement to himself. It was the power to switch the other androids on and off with a whim, provided they were at least close enough to him.

Android 28 passed out and slid to the floor. Her brain functions had come to an instant halt, and she was at the mercy of the wicked Android 30. The armor clad Android stared down at his prey, his new systems were cranking to life with each passing moment.

He extended his hands outward, red energy coming from his palms, until the energy covered 28's lifeless body in a red glow. The assimilation process kicked into full swing in that moment, as 28's body began to disassemble itself in a matter of seconds. Her human skin pealed away and evaporated first, followed by her under skin, which cracked and fell to the floor. Wires and steel supports came undone afterwards, and vital computer chips began to fly from her body and insert themselves into 30's skin.

The chips and power nodes dug into his skin and disappeared beneath, leaving no marks afterwards. 28's form was becoming unrecognizable as her power cells came flying out of her body to insert themselves soon afterwards into 30's body. His form swelled by the moment as it filled with addition power cells and chips, which increased his speed and strength. Finally in the head of 28's body, lie the gem of 30's endeavor, the Saiya-jin DNA matrix. The structure was the size of a softball, only a lot more complex, and more cube like. The structure levitated to 30's mouth, and the power hungry Android quickly opened it, to let the matrix into his body.

The result felt like Goku going Super Saiya-jin for the first time, as the overwhelming power took control of Android 30's body. He could feel his strength rising to a new plateau that he couldn't even comprehend before. A red aura exploded around him, and his eyes became pure white. 30 didn't even hear Garo's estimate on his power, but the computer tried to tell him that he estimated that he had grown to a level that was 35% stronger than the Super Saiya-jin Mirai no Trunks.

The top of the stronghold exploded, turning heads instantly. Mirai no Trunks had just finished clearing out the android troops outside, when he looked up to see Android 30's figure rising high above him. Trunks saw it too, and he grinned at the sight because he wanted a rematch badly then anything else at the moment.

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