Future Shock

Stronger than a Super Saiya-jin

  The world would be his again, Android 30 thought, this battle would decide that.

Trunks powered up to his full potential, his muscles bulged slightly, his hair shot up in different directions, and his aura turned pure gold. He was a second sun in the sky, and the rebel forces below cheered. Trunks balled his hands into fists, and clenched his teeth as he prepared to charge.

Mirai no Trunks blurred in front of the angry young Super Saiya-jin, "No! This is my fight!"

"I owe him! He beat me in my time, and now it's my turn to beat him in his!" Trunks demanded.

"And he's beat me in my time for the past 20 years."
Trunks was silent, because now he was weighing his options. He was strong, perhaps just as strong as his future counter part. His hating eyes stared into the blank eyes of his android enemy, and for a moment Trunks sensed that something was not right with this android.

"Trunks, I need you to go into the stronghold, help the others, and free our mother. Android 28 must still be inside somewhere, and I need you to take care of her."

Trunks was silent, he could only stare into Android 30's cold blank eyes.

"Can you do this for me?!" Mirai no Trunks shouted, "Can you take care of 28?"

"There is no Android 28."
Mirai no Trunks was confused, "What do you mean?"
Trunks pointed to Android 30, "I can't explain it, but I think he killed her." He paused, "He's completely evil."

Mirai no Trunks turned to face the 30 for the first time since the Android's transformation. Even though they were a good deal away from each other, Mirai no Trunks could sense that something had changed. He looked back to Trunks, "Go!"

Trunks was hesitant, but he finally complied. The Super Saiya-jin descended to the ground to join the thousands of invaders. The ground was filled with the wounded and the dead, mixed with spare parts, and dead androids, and above all it began to smell horrible in the noon day sun. Trunks took one final look at his future counterpart, offering him an encouraging nod, before he walked into the stronghold.

Mirai no Trunks grit his teeth, his ki was rising by the minute, and it peeked sending him into a state of golden aura and yellow hair. Mirai no Trunks yelled, distortions of power coming off him in waves, making the ground shake and rumble in succession. His golden aura grew larger and larger by the minute until it reached its peak, indicating that Mirai no Trunks had reached his maximum power.

Android 30 simply let him reach his peak, both allow Mirai no Trunks to be a better challenge to himself, and two to prove that he was stronger than the Super Saiya-jin. 30 grinned, he knew he was stronger, and it was sadistically sweet irony that Mirai no Trunks had no idea just how powerful he had become.

"Not here." Mirai no Trunks told his foe, "Lets go someplace else."

"Why?" 30 replied.
"I don't want anyone interfering in this fight."
Android 30 thought about, and he agreed.
Reyna was attending the wounded when she looked up in the sky to see Mirai no Trunks and Android 30 head off eastward. She had just finished up her work, and the rest of the medical team were handling things rather nicely. She wanted to see the battle so desperately, but no one was around to take her there.

Suddenly she spotted an old Capsule Corp hover craft. It was one of the many hundreds that had been used to transport the Rebel army to the battlefield. One of the medical staff must have used it to get to the injured faster instead of trekking over the mountain to help the wounded.

Since no one was using it, Reyna decided that no one will miss it if it were to suddenly disappear. Without giving it a second thought she ran for it, climbed inside, and activated it. The engines roared as the craft shot straight up into the air, and eastward towards the duel between Android 30 and Mirai no Trunks.

* * * * *

The flight was fast and furious, as Android 30 easily kept pace with the Super Saiya-jin. Mirai no Trunks led the charge eastward, as the two of them soared over the sea. The water rushed underneath of the two of them, making a trench in the sea, and the air seemed to part to allow them passage over the endless water.

Finally they came upon land, and Android 30 decided that they had gone far enough, "Alright, Super Saiya-jin, this is far enough."

Android 30 landed on a tower of stacked rocks, his foe landed on a rough boulder beneath him. The area had remained undisturbed by Android activity for a long time, and it was peaceful part of the desert. It had once been the site of another epic battle between the first Super Saiya-jins Goku and Vegeta, so long ago, when they had just met each other. Now it would host another duel between the two strongest warriors on the planet, Android and Super Saiya-jin.

"Nice spot for a duel." Mirai no Trunks called.
"Since you like it so much, I think I shall bury you here."
Mirai no Trunks tensed, his whole body was poised for combat, but all he could do was stare up at the armor clad android. How many moments passed, he did not know, but finally he got tired of waiting.

The duel began.

Mirai no Trunks shouted a battle cry, and flung himself upward at his foe. His fist shot out with enough power behind it to shatter entire planets, but it missed and hit nothing but air. Mirai no Trunks' determined face turned to confusion as his opponent blurred away from him after every strike.

The Super Saiya-jin was getting angry now, and he unleashed a tantrum of kicks at his foe using only one foot. 30 flew backward through the air, his head whipping from side to side, and up and down, to avoid each and every attack, but he got careless and caught a nasty knee to the nose.

30 reeled and was quickly punched in the gut, with so much force that it made his back bulge slightly. Android 30 was not about to be beaten so easily, so he spun around to kick Mirai no Trunks away from his presence. The Super Saiya-jin spiraled sideways from the kick only to have his foot grabbed by the left hand of the android.

30 grinned and began to spin around violently. His spinning was causing a tornado that began to suck up debris and sand to the point where Mirai no Trunks had to shut his eyes or be blinded. Finally the half Saiya-jin could take no more, and he pointed his fingers towards the epicenter of the storm, sending a ki blast towards his foe to force him to stop.

Android 30 took half a dozen ki blasts before he finally flung the Super Saiya-jin into the air with great speed. Mirai was moving so fast that he could no stop himself, but that didn't stop the Android was assaulting him further.

When Mirai no Trunks was finally stopped it was by the elbow of 30, who, without mercy, hit him repeatedly in the back to try and snap his spine. However Mirai no Trunks wasn't beaten so easily, and he quickly retaliated with a sharp kick to the chest, an action that cracked the android's armor slightly.

Mirai no Trunks was now found himself running along the sandy ground. He had landed quickly, and he now had a hostile android chasing him. The Super Saiya-jin was luring him into a trap, and he thought it would work. 30 was racing after him, kicking up storms of sand behind him, Mirai no Trunks would soon be his.

The Super Saiya-jin halted suddenly, this action surprised the Android, and drew his blade, holding it horizontally, he was attempting to cut him in half as he ran past at such a great speed. Mirai no Trunks watched as the android raced past him, but instead of being sliced to pieces by the blade, he seemed to phase through it and emerge unharmed.

Android 30 halted soon afterwards and spun around, his teeth were clenched, and he leaped off the ground, flying towards his foe. Mirai no Trunks raised his hands to block, as hundreds of different punches came his way, and the force of each one was causing sand and dust to fill the air around them.

Visibility on the ground was being reduced to nothing, so the battle moved to the air. For the next few moments the two fighters exchanged blows to the head, arms, and torso, each one just as strong if not stronger than the last. Mirai no Trunks was giving it his all, but he could tell that Android 30 was only becoming slightly damaged.

Mirai no Trunks faltered on his last blow, and 30 took the opportunity to detonate a ki ball between the two of them. The explosion sent Mirai no Trunks backward, but it didn't even phase the android. 30 flew forward to strike his enemy across the arm, with so much power that it caused Mirai to both shout out in pain, and drop his sword into the swirling dust storm that was brewing below the two of them.

The battle moved further eastward away from the storm, and Mirai no Trunks felt he had to do something quickly or he would beat for sure. Android 30's face was covered in dirt and scratches. The blood lines that ran across his visible metal skin were pumping faster than ever, a sure sign that he was at his peak, where Mirai no Trunks was rapidly losing strength and ki.

They were still flying over a desert, but the terrain had become more barren as opposed to their last fighting arena. Mirai no Trunks was quick to strike at his foe, as the two of them came to a stop over this new land. Android 30 ducked away from Trunks' punches, and he dealt the Super Saiya-jin a fierce uppercut to the chin, that sent the him flying upward into the clouds.

Mirai no Trunks vanished behind a clouds, only to reappear right in front of his foe. A look of rage was centered on the warrior's face, his eyes showed a wild fury like the kind a trapped animal shows, he bared his teeth, and a tremendous amount of ki energy was flowing through his palms. 30 was dazzled by Mirai no Trunks sudden movement, and he was caught off guard, giving Mirai no Trunks a few moments to attack. Veins spread over the warrior's face as he shouted out loud, send a tremendous blast of ki at the android at almost point blank.

To the Super Saiya-jin's horror 30 was almost able to avoid the entire beam of ki, only being struck in the shoulder pad of his armor. The beam shattered a portion of his left shoulder pad, an action that made 30 rather mad, "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find good armor these days?"

Mirai no Trunks was dumbfounded, and for this he was kicked in the face. 30 sent the Super Saiya-jin backwards a good distance, and then he crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. Mirai no Trunks shook his head once he had stopped sailing backwards. There was a good deal distance between them now, and it gave Mirai no Trunks some time to think.

Android 30 was winning the fight, and if things continued down this path he would most certainly beat him. If 30 killed him, then Trunks would stand no chance by himself against the Android monster. All he could hope for now, was to weaken the android in such a way that Trunks could stand some chance.

Then it hit him, there was still one more thing that could turn the tides of this battle.


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