The Decision

  The wind rushed through their hair as the pair of warriors who shared the same name and identity soared through the air, darting between high rising buildings and swooping low to the ground to occasionally scare some drivers. Trunks felt like a kid he never knew. Growing up in a time period that was ruined by android attacks didn't really give him a chance to have real fun, and he was making up for it. Mirai no Trunks didn't seem to be enjoying himself that much, he simply kept a straight course towards Capsule Corporation, they would be there in a matter of minutes.

Trunks flew close to his counterpart to speak with him, "So I guess you're 40 right?"

"That's right." Mirai no Trunks said over the howl of the wind and noise of the traffic below.

"You don't look like it, more like 30 or so. I guess its your half Saiya-jin blood."

"Yeah, but I feel much more worn out than 30 Trunks, and I think I could use a few days of peace now that I have the opportunity."

Trunks nodded to his double, and faced forward again. In no time at all they landed on the front lawn of Capsule Corporation and headed for the door. Mirai no Trunks stood behind Trunks and grinned, knowing full well that Buruma would not be happy at her son's late arrival. Trunks took a deep breath and opened the door. He then proceeded to walk into the main living room where things had been set up for the small party he was supposed to have earlier today. The light in the kitchen was on, and Buruma and Reyna heard the door open. Both of them proceeded into the living room, spying only Trunks, the two of them rushed the young warrior, unaware of Mirai no Trunks who leaned against the doorway.

"Trunks Briefs! Do you have any idea who worried I was!?" Buruma shouted showering her son with kisses and hugs.

Reyna spoke up, "It was on the radio, they were saying it was another android attack."

Trunks tried to speak up, but the two of them wouldn't have it. They pushed him towards the kitchen, and sat him down in a seat, their fears had turned into excitement. Reyna went for the platter that had Trunks' cake on it, she was wearing a green CC sweater and jeans, nothing too fancy. Buruma was talking Trunks' ear off, asking him question after question while Reyna set the table. She brushed a long strand of black hair out of her face and smiled a Trunks cutely, but her cheerful expression faded when she looked up at the entrance way to see Mirai no Trunks staring back at her.

"Who's that?" Reyna asked curiously, and Buruma stopped talking to look up at the stranger.

"Can I speak now?" Trunks asked out of desperation, "There's a lot we need to discuss."

Mirai no Trunks stepped into the room to have a look around, and Buruma got up from her seat, a certain smile on her face as she walked up to the stranger. She looped her arm around his, hugging it slightly, "So, mister, welcome to my home, is there anything I can help you with?"

Mirai no Trunks blushed, he could tell that Buruma had no idea who he was and that she was acting a little too nice to him. Finally Trunks managed to regain the seriousness of the moment and spoke.

"Mom, knock it off, this is serious an android attacked the city today."

Reyna broke in, "Another android? How?"

"It came from the future, using the same technology as my time pod."

Buruma looked at her son with much concern, "The reports on the news said you had been killed."

Mirai no Trunks interjected, "Never believe everything you hear on the news."

Trunks continued, "Luckily someone else came from the future, Mom, Reyna, meet myself, 20 years from now."

Buruma's face turned red as she let go of Mirai no Trunks, and Reyna could hardly believe the scene unfolding in this kitchen, "That's incredible." She remarked.

Some hours later, the four had gathered in the living room, and Mirai no Trunks relayed the information he had told Trunks earlier that day. The three listeners didn't say a word, but Mirai no Trunks poured out his anger, his frustration, and sadness until the wee hours of the morning. When he had grown too weary of talking, he relaxed a little on the couch, and Trunks finally spoke up.

"I had said earlier that I had a plan, and I think it's a good one."

"What is it?" Reyna asked, she was sitting next to him listening carefully to the whole conversation.

Buruma was on the verge of nodding off the sleep, but she still was listening to some degree, "Yes… what is it Trunks?"

"According to what he's told me, Dr. Teris won't unleash Android 22 until five years from now."

"That's correct." Mirai no Trunks added, rubbing his eyes.

"Well tomorrow I'm going to set out for that island lab and stop Dr. Teris, and then I'm going to search out and find the Super Computer." Trunks announced.

"That's too dangerous to do by yourself." Buruma said now wide awake.

"I think he can handle it." Reyna countered, "If he could take on 17, 18 & Cell, he could definitely take on a scientist and a computer."

"You don't know if that's all, don't you agree with me Mirai no Trunks?" Buruma asked sweetly.

Mirai no Trunks was thoughtful, and he didn't speak for a few moments, not because his voice was tired, but because he didn't truly have an answer.

"Well?" Buruma asked again impatiently.

"Dr. Teris won't be hard to find if I guide you, and he won't be easy to kill, but the Super Computer may have rebuilt androids like 13, 14, and 15 guarding it, and the three of them were hard enough to beat in the past."

"He's right, and we don't have Goku." Buruma added some regret in her voice, "Sometimes I wish I could see him again."

"So what do we do about the Super Computer then?" Reyna asked the group.

"Wait a minute," Trunks announced as if he had discovered something, "The Computer's main goal was to kill Goku, and because Goku died a long time ago, its primary goals have been satisfied. So unlike Dr. Teris, it wouldn't be able to evolve past its primary goals. So in other words, its just sitting there doing nothing."

"He's right, it wasn't till Teris found the computer that it started creating androids again. He must have reprogrammed it with a new goal. To kill me." Mirai no Trunks concluded.

"Then it's decided." Trunks said.
"Yes. Tomorrow we change your destiny." Mirai no Trunks walked over to the window and walked outside onto the porch. The stars had come out now that the clouds had past, and the sky was a lit with white dots of light painted across its black surface. Trunks had followed him out onto the porch after asking Reyna and Buruma to wait for him in the kitchen.

Mirai no Trunks stopped gazing upward into the sky, his attention shifting back around him, he spoke, "Though I may not be able my present, Trunks, I shall do my best to protect your future."

Trunks nodded in silent respect and agreement, and headed back inside to leave his counterpart alone in his thoughts and reflections. Now only Mirai no Trunks remained on the porch, his right hand clenched into a fist, upon his face was a twisted face of rage. Through clenched teeth he vowed.

"This I swear."

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