Future Shock

Protecting the Future

  Trunks awoke the very next day sometime around Noon, his head hurt slightly as well as his rib cage. He frowned slightly, he hadn't dreamt the previous nights events after all, so he had to face the challenge ahead. Lunch had been laid out on the table, but Buruma was no where to be seen, so Trunks decided to go ahead and eat with out her.

After finishing off the meal the half Saiya-jin warrior got up to look for the others, and hearing a commotion outside he went to investigate. He soon stopped Buruma who was leaning forward on the porch rail looking down on the lawn at something. Trunks was soon on the patio with her, "What are you looking at?"

"Look." Buruma said simply sipping some tea she had made for herself that morning.

Trunks blinked in disbelief as his attentions moved up into the sky. High above the city there was a golden aura shining as brightly as the sun. Finally he spoke questioningly to his mother, "What's he doing up there?"

"He's been up there for almost an hour now." Buruma commented taking another drink.

"Maybe I should go check up on him, and see if anything is wrong." Trunks suggested, and his mother only nodded slightly in agreement.

Trunks grinned, he could tell she was thinking about him again, his father that is. Trunks had been fortunate enough to meet his father, Vegeta, on his travels back to the past, and had even formed a bond with him in one way or another. Their affair had been so long ago, but yet she still got that look several times each week, especially on pleasant afternoons such as those when she found time to think about the stubborn yet proud Saiya-jin prince. The rain had dried out the air was warm again, and Trunks almost wished he didn't have to go, but it was necessary to secure the future of Earth.

Without wasting another minute Trunks took to the air, and flew high above Capsule Corporation, to meet his future counterpart in the sky. He stopped a few feet away from him and spoke up, "Lovely weather isn't it?"

"It is." Mirai no Trunks responded plainly.

Trunks floated around to face him, "Why are you up here?"

"Remembering, when this place used to be this beautiful." He replied, "You see, in the future, the Androids have demolished this entire city and left it as nothing. Everything they touch they end up destroying."

"I know." Trunks nodded in agreement.
Mirai no Trunks seemed to snap from his trance at that moment, and he turned towards the south. He seemed to grin with some satisfaction and he looked over his shoulder to his younger self, "Are you ready to change the future?"

"Yes!" Trunks replied eagerly, his ki rose dramatically.

Mirai no Trunks took off, he was in Super Saiya-jin form, transcended much like Trunks was, but he still hadn't achieved the level of Super Saiya-jin form 2 like Gohan had done in the past. Trunks had noticed that just now and sped after him, "In all this time you haven't been able to break through to the next level?"

Mirai no Trunks darted upward through the clouds, currents of air shifting around them as they flew over the vast landscape towards the southern archipelagos, "Believe me, I've tried Trunks, but I've become so used to pain and sorrow, that I've never become angry enough like Gohan was that day."

Trunks thought back to that day long ago, where they stood on the brink of death at the mercy of the Android Cell and his deviant little children. Gohan had been so strong and so fast that day, it shocked him. He turned to see Mirai no Trunks staring off in to west for some reason.

"What are you looking for?" Trunks yelled over the flowing currents of air.

"To the west is the ruins of the old Red Ribbon base of operations."

"Mom told me about them before, Goku had beaten the entire army single-handedly, but that was place is nothing but a memory now."

"I wish that were still true," Mirai countered, "But in the future the Androids have rebuilt it, and its now a massive fortress where android soldiers are created daily."

Trunks turned away, speaking with his future self was depressing, and he couldn't even begin to imagine what horrors he had witnessed in his time period.

* * * * *

Dr. Teris had a bit of a cough, but it was no real problem really.

The computer was in the middle of running some final tests when an alarm sounded throughout the complex. The Doctor adjusted his glasses slightly, he hadn't taken a break in days, and his ragged appearance gave that fact away.

"Doctor Teris," The computer resounded through the intercom.

"What is it, Garo?" The doctor replied.

"I have detected a two ki signatures coming towards the island. One matches the current ki level the half Saiya-jin Trunks Briefs.

The other one is unknown, and my scanners only detected it yesterday."

"Why wasn't I informed?" Teris said slightly annoyed.

"I was going to add it to my weekly report because it wasn't cause for an emergency at the time."

"Damn your weekly report, how long until they get here?" Dr. Teris demanded.

"I estimate we have exactly 2.8 seconds after I stop speaking before they come through the main door."

There was a loud crash from out the main laboratory as the steel doors that guarded the lab were blasted wide open. The doctor ran over to the lab table to grab a hold of the control box. It was labeled 22, and he pressed down on the red button, "You're far from completion 22, but you're the only thing I've got.

Dr. Teris moved towards the back of the main room, towards the corner where he had thrown the spare parts. From the table near the door a figure moved from beneath the white sheet and got to its feet. It was skeletal and far from completion as the doctor had said earlier. Wires jutted from its frame and only one eye seemed to work, the thing couldn't even talk, but it could at least put up some fight the doctor hoped.

The door to the main lab opened and Trunks and his future counterpart stepped inside. Before they had time to even look around Teris shouted to his android, "22 attack them!"

The unfinished android leapt from its respective position to a place right in front of Trunks. It quickly decked him in the side of the head, sending the Saiya-jin flying to the side and into a wall.

Dr. Teris peeked up from behind a table, he was impressed with the android until Mirai no Trunks ruined his plans. The future Trunks struck like lightning, and in a quick motion, he spun around in a circle, kicking the Android's head off its shoulders without so much as breaking a sweat.

"No. This can't be," The doctor cried as he backed into the corner, "There can not be two of them!"

Mirai no Trunks hopped over the lab table to stand right in front of the cowering doctor. The man was a twig, dressed in a white lab coat. His hair was messy, ragged, and a light red color, he wore glasses and he looked like he hadn't shaved in a long time.

"Don't kill him, if we bring him to justice, he won't be able to create any of the androids in the first place!" Trunks shouted, he didn't want to see a helpless man get murdered right before his eyes.

"This is justice." Mirai no Trunks stated coldly and sent a powerful blast of ki streaking towards the man.

The ki blast exploded sending a shockwave that spread throughout the entire complex. Walls collapsed, and the systems crashed, but Trunks and Mirai no Trunks easily survived and emerged from the rubble soon afterwards.

* * * * *

The door opened, letting the light in for the first time in a long time.

In this particular room there was walls and walls filled with technology and processors. Each bit of computer power was channeled into one CPU, and from this CPU spanned control over machinery, and assemblers. An entire plant was at the disposal of this one single computer, but yet everything was silent and inert, simply collecting more and more layers of dust.

When the doors opened, the sensors indicated two life forms entering the main chamber. Perhaps they were the doctor or his assistant. It didn't matter, the computer had been programmed with only one goal in mind, and that was to kill Son Goku. Neither one of these intruders registered as Son Goku, so they were unimportant, and even if they were, it would not make any sense, the computer concluded, because Son Goku is no more. Son Goku was deleted long ago, so the Super Computer of Dr. Jero had no purpose other than to stay inactive.

One of the intruders spoke, "It doesn't look like it is going to do anything."

"Even so, it's a risk to let it run, so I'm shutting it down for good." Said the older one.

"Agreed." The younger one nodded.

The sensors detected a large build up of ki, and numerous shorts began to occur, too many in fact to repair. The Super Computer sprang to life to try and defend itself, but it was incapable of it at this point, and so when the ki was released, the entire complex vanished in the blink of than eye. All the data the computer stored, all the possible theories on the improvement of androids, and the arts of combat it had assimilated over the years was lost instantly.

In that one day, the future was safe, there would be no more androids, Dr. Jero's legacy had died out completely, and there would be much celebrating back at Capsule Corporation. But this victory was bittersweet for Mirai no Trunks, for he knew that nothing he did that day would affect the outcome of his future. All the lives lost, all the things destroyed, and all the misery would still remain. Now that there was nothing left to do in time period, he knew that he would have to return soon.

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