Future Shock

Red Ribbon Stronghold

  Twenty years from that particular day, the world remained unchanged just as Trunks had predicted. There were very few major cities left in the world, and those that remained were under the total control of the Red Ribbon Army. It was a dead world ruled by five cruel androids, who each commanded different sections of a large Android army.

Each section of the world was lorded over by an android and his different color brigade. The southern islands were ruled by the Android 26, a cruel machine who had gathered up the population of the islands into one major city, the Southern Capital. He believed they would be easier to control, and his brigade, Green Brigade, acted as police enforcers to the city. 26 was very similar to his teenage counterpart 16, as far as physical features went. However he hated all things living, and took particular pressure in harming those smaller or weaker than himself. It was rumored that he gathered up hundreds of innocent people and personally executed them with his own bare hands.

He was the first android to use Saiya-jin DNA matrices in his design, and so he believed he was in some way superior to the rest of the androids. Except 30, how kept his whims in check. There were flaws in his pigmentation, and so his skin turned white upon his creation, his hair was also green, which is why Android 30 thought it funny to put him in charge of the Green Brigade. 26 didn't think it was funny at all.

The next Android after that, was 27 who ruled the Far Eastern regions of the world. His Gold Brigade numbers 8,000 androids, each with the ability to fly. He resembled 17 only slightly, his skin was yellow, and the computer had made a glitch when assembling his head, so he wore a hood attached to his head. His forehead was sloped like Goku's was when he went SSJ3, and his eyes were a pale blue like all androids are. He was reflective for an android and spoke little at meetings in the Red Ribbon Stronghold, and 26 had joked that 27's voice box was damaged in his last fight with Trunks.

28 was created without any problems other than the fact that she was extremely obsessive over one thing than another. She neglected her army and stayed at the Stronghold whenever it suited her. She left command of Blue Brigade to the Android Commander Blue, who was fully capable of running things. Her army was stationed to the north west, near Dr. Jero's old lab and pretty much fanned out from there. Of the many things she was obsessed with, 30 held her obsession the longest, and she was constantly at his heels wherever he went. Until he decided to take a trip back in time.

Android 30 had only been gone for about an hour, but 28 still waited patiently in the Time Chamber for his return, the android sentinels that guarded the door were ever vigilant and would not abandon their posts until their master returned. The chamber room was very plain looking, the walls were silver and metallic and the time chamber itself resembled an egg with silver walls. The console was laid about 20 feet from the chamber's door and it had the ability to send the person inside to any point in time and then bring them back. The chamber had opened the gateway to the Western Capital 20 years in the past, and 28 was instructed that an hour later she should open a gateway to the past in a predetermined location.

Unlike Trunks' time pod this machine was perfect, it would open gateways to the past for 30 to get in and out at his discretion without having to worry about a time machine getting wrecked or stolen when he was away fighting. Exactly one hour had past when Android 28 checked her watch, and it was time to activate the Time chamber again. Her hands glided over the controls, programming the coordinates into the computer carefully she located the target zone. She hoped 30 was there, but there was no reason he shouldn't have completed his mission.

It was well known just how powerful Trunks was in that time period, and 30 and the rest of the androids were at least 25% better than him. However nothing had changed, she felt. If 30 had eliminated Trunks in the past, wouldn't that change the future? She wasn't sure of what happened, but soon she would find out, because the inside the Time Chamber, a red ball of energy formed within the center of the chamber. 28's eyes widened as the red energy filled the chamber completely and for a few moments she though the egg shaped chamber would explode. However it contained the energy well, so she wasn't worried too much.

Flipping the final switch on the console, the floor began to shake as matter from the past was being pulled into the present. The red glow inside the chamber subsided after a few minutes and a figure stood partially slumped over in the egg chamber, it was Android 30, and he wasn't in the best of shape.

"You're hurt." 28 said walking up to him.

"It's nothing." 30 responded, pushing her aside, he walked for the door.

Android 28 frowned, she didn't like being treated like she was second class and she ran after him, "It doesn't look like nothing 30, what happened?"

Android 30 was busily tearing away his red armor, the pieces of it clattered to the steel floor, and he walked around the corner towards the repair center, leaving the upper torso of his armor for the attendants to clean up.

Android 28 stormed after him, down the hallway, around the corner towards the Repair facility. It was times like this that made the fortress seem like a maze of plain steel corridors and rooms, and sometimes 28 enjoyed the open air. She arrived at the Repair center and opened the door. Stepping inside she entered a massive warehouse, with numerous stories and walkways, where androids were being repaired so they might be in battle again. Android 30 had already removed his armor and underneath he wore a simple red shirt and jeans, the closest thing to civilian clothes he wore.

Numerous androids had been damaged in the east where the resistance movement was the strongest, but it was all hopeless because no power, not even Trunks, was able to stop the Androids.

"You shouldn't walk away when I'm talking to you 30." Android 28 remarked as she walked over to the table by his side.

Android 30 was silent, his finger pushed into his right eye socket to grab a hold of his own sliced eye. He twisted slightly to disconnect the power to it, and then yanked it free, leaving a black socket in its place. Robotic attendants moved to his side to start repairing the damage to his "metal skin". The Androids had a layer of living skin over a metallic hide. The attendants began to snip away at the damaged skin, revealing more metal skin beneath, along with thick red tubes filled with living Saiya-jin blood, another part of the androids that made them biological.

"Sir, we do not currently have any biological skin to replace your injury with." One attendant said, "We will have synthesize more."

"Take your time, it doesn't matter to me that much."
Android 30 laid back, his red hair was tied back into a pony tail which trailed down to the small of his back, with the exception of two long strands that hung down over his face next to each of his eyes. He had calmed down considerably since coming from the past, and now he was ready to speak again.

"It was him." 30 stated simply looking at the ceiling as the attendants continued to snip away.

"Trunks?" 28 replied questioningly.

"Yes Trunks, both of them, the Trunks from this time went back in time and attacked me."

"So I guess you didn't succeed?"
"No, but I did discover something useful."
"What is it?"
"A theory, my dear," 30 said plainly, he sat up because the attendants had stopped cutting away at his skin.

30 got up to his feet and walked over to a nearby console to interface with the computer system that ran the fortress. He punched in a few keys to access the file retrieval system. After a moment of uploading he spoke directly to the computer, "Garo. Are there any messages for me today?"

The computer, which was also named Garo responded, "Android 30, there are no new messages for you."

"It's just as I thought." 30 concluded logging out of the computer.

"What was that about?" 28 said, she was very confused now.

"I wanted to test a theory about time travel, so I went to Dr. Jero's lab in the past and left a message file in the remnants of his computer. Because we took the file systems from that computer when building this place I should have received the file because I sent it to myself 20 years ago."

"But you didn't receive a file."
"Exactly, so that means that anything we do in the past creates a different time line and thus has no affect on our current time line." 30 said half amused.

"So that entire trip was for nothing?"

30 nodded.

"What about that annoyance Trunks?"

"If he returns, I plan to not toy with him anymore. The moment he presents himself to me, I shall be ready to kill him."

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