Future Shock

Farewell to Peace

  In the past, a week had passed since Android 30's appearance, and Mirai no Trunks felt confident that he wouldn't bother returning. During the first part of the week Buruma and Mirai no Trunks had flown a Capsule Corporation aircraft to the remote fields near the western capital to recover his time machine.

Upon bringing it home Trunks was astounded to see the massive ship in his front yard that afternoon. It was nearly three times the size of his time pod, and the cockpit could hold about four people if it needed to. The rest of the ship was armor plates and cargo space. Mirai no Trunks revealed to everyone that he had planned to bring back supplies and food for the resistance in the future in his time pod, and he began to slowly fill it with precious materials that his future needed.

Over course of that week, Trunks spent his time relaxing and above all thinking to himself so much that Buruma began to feel worried about him. When he wasn't relaxing he was helping his future self fill up the cargo container. When the week came to a close, Trunks, Mirai no Trunks, and Buruma were eating a quiet dinner, the future warrior's last one in this time period.

"What am I like in the future Trunks?" Buruma asked at the table.

"Still the same as you are now, but with gray hair."
Trunks laughed slightly, but it was easy to tell he was upset.
"What's bothering you?" Mirai asked his past self.
Buruma looked at her son worriedly and then turned back to Mirai no Trunks, "So you're the leader of a resistance movement in the future?"

"Not entirely, a student of mine, Saeris, leads the resistance. He's a strong warrior, but nothing compared to the androids."

"Have you ever thought about just blowing up the Red Ribbon Stronghold, you know the one you told me about?"

"Many times before, but it isn't so simple, the Androids have designed a kind of technology that they call Ki Breaker ammunition. Many of the Android grunts wield Ki breaker type weapons now, and they're capable doing lots of damage to me if I am struck my a shot. That combined with the sensors, if I come even remotely close to it the defenses and the Androids will be there waiting for me."

"That's horrible." Buruma said, her mouth full of food.
Trunks got up from his seat and left the room, both of the others looked at him oddly, and went back to eating.

* * * * *

It was dark outside, the sun was setting, it was a time for rest, but for Mirai no Trunks his trip would offer him no rest or comfort. He walked down the sidewalk to where he had parked his Time pod, his eyes hovered from various objects, taking in the entire scene one last time before he returned to his own time period.

As he neared the ship, someone was standing in front of the step ladder. It was Trunks. His arms were crossed defiantly, and his expression was solemn, but yet firm as if he were going to stand his ground for whatever reason.

"You should head back inside, it's getting late." Mirai no Trunks commented as he walked up to his past self.

"I'm not going to let you go."
"I don't have a choice Trunks, I just can't leave my world to hands of those androids, just as we couldn't leave this world in the hands of Androids 17 and 18."

Trunks replied, "Not yet anyways."
Mirai no Trunks was shocked, "What are you talking about?"
Trunks had made up his mind having thought this through long enough, "I'm going with you."

"Sorry, but you have a real future ahead of you, and besides our mom would kill you first."

"Don't you remember Gohan, Trunks!?" Trunks shouted, "He tried to take on the androids alone, and he died. Have all these years made you forget that? We can go together, and make a difference in the future. You said they always outnumbered you, well lets strike a balance!"

Mirai no Trunks countered, "But you're not strong enough to take on any of the androids yet."

"Then train me, and in a month we'll make the journey… together."

Mirai no Trunks wasn't liking this plan at all. After all he had said, it wasn't even a fraction of what his hellish future was like. He thought quietly for a moment, as Trunks stared at him, awaiting an answer. Mirai no Trunks thought about simply pushing past his counterpart and leaving him in this time line, but then he thought that Trunks had a point.

"I'm not going to stay longer than a month, and if we're going to train, it's going to be strenuous, because when he take on those androids, I don't want to have to bail you."

Trunks grinned, his future self had conceded, but now the difficult part was just ahead, how to get a significant power upgrade out of a month of training. The answer was simpler than he thought. After breaking the news to Buruma the next day, she went through a few stages, first was anger, in which she yelled at her son not to go. The second stage was pleading, in which she begged him not to go. The third was detachment, in which she was quiet, just thinking about the dangers they would face. The last stage was acceptance, in which she decided to let him go, and help in any way she could. The whole process took about an hour, and plans were then drawn up.

The next day the three of them went to work to rebuild one of Dr. Briefs' old inventions. A space pod based on Saiya-jin technology, complete with a gravity chamber. The chamber was the most important rather than the gravity chamber part, and just as Vegeta had trained, so would the two warriors. The gravity chamber's power leveled off at 400 G's, a weaker model than the previous own, but good nonetheless.

It took them about week to construct a good, stable chamber for the two warriors to spar in, and when it was complete, they wasted no time. Reyna came to visit, and was horrified at Trunks' decision to travel to the future. She didn't want to see him in danger any longer so she begged him not to go, but he ignored her pleads and continued to train.

From dawn till dusk, with two meals in between, the two of them trained, ruthlessly beating on each other, perfecting their skills as warriors. Sometimes they trained as Super Saiya-jins, other times they pummeled each other in normal forms. Each day Trunks grew noticeably stronger, and he was beginning to rival his future self each day he trained. There was still a noticeable power gap though between, and when the month was over Mirai no Trunks had had enough.

Standing on the balcony just as he had done a month ago, he watched the traffic of the city glide by in the air and on the streets. Trunks approached him again, just as before, "I'm still not strong enough am I?"

Mirai no Trunks shook his head, "There's only so much we can do in a month, but you're strong enough to hold your own."

"This is madness, we have the time, we can take another month."
Mirai no Trunks shook his head once more, he wasn't even looking at Trunks, "Then what's to stop us from taking another month? Or perhaps another? We can't hide away here forever, and I'm growing impatient."

Trunks nodded in agreement, he realized that Mirai no Trunks made sense, and he was only stalling.

"Besides, there is only so much more powerful we can get. If we don't make a transition to the next level like Gohan did, we're going to be stuck at this level of power."

"Lets do this then." Trunks concluded, and with that said they began to final preparations for their journey.


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