Future Shock

A Return to a Future That No Longer Exists

  The final packages of supplies were loaded up into the cargo hold of the ship, and soon the pair of warriors would be on their way. That morning had been busy as final preparations were being made, the pod was being refueled, and any extra supplies were being purchased and packaged. Reyna had come by one final time to beg Trunks not to go, but he wouldn't listen to her, so she became angry. She had demanded that she couldn't stop him from going to at least let her come, but Trunks wouldn't hear it. The trip was going to be dangerous him, a Super Saiya-jin, and she was only human, so Trunks wouldn't stand for it.

After some debating and arguing Reyna finally backed down and wished him luck. They talked then for an hour as Mirai no Trunks finished up with the loading procedures. She was being thinking of enrolling in a university in the Southern Capital, and she would be traveling by train. Trunks was happy that she was getting into college, and he promised to travel with her upon his return.

That was all a memory now, and Trunks snapped to his senses again.

He was in the cockpit about 2 hours later after he and Mirai no Trunks had a quick meal before they left. Reyna and Buruma had both wished them luck on their journey, and Reyna said she was going home. Trunks looked around, the back seat were filled with more supplies and Mirai no Trunks was starting up the engines on the ship.

"It's not too late to back out Trunks." Mirai no Trunks said quietly as the engines cranked to life.

"I made up my mind, and I'm going to help you any way I can."
Mirai no Trunks nodded as his hand came over the control stick, and his left hand touched down on a nob. He turned it and the power increased, giving the large craft propulsion. Soon they were moving upward into the sky, leaving the ground behind them.

Buruma waved from the porch, as the craft lifted higher and higher into the air. She wished them the greatest of luck, and prayed for her son's safe return, but she knew he was fully capable of taking care of himself. The craft began to move in a north easterly direction toward the mountains.

"So where are we headed when we reach the future?" Trunks asked buckling himself to the seat.

"I'm going to pilot the craft to the mountains in the north east, its where some of the resistance is held up, and they need these supplies because Android 29 was on his way there right before I left."

Trunks nodded.
"When we get there we'll go after 29 and his black brigade, but leave the android to me, destroy his troops and then be prepared for back up, because these Androids always strike in pairs."

"I forgot to ask you something," Trunks said as the ship passed over a white capped mountain, "Why is it that there are no more Androids after 30?"

"I had managed to take out a stronghold of their that contained their data on Saiya-jin DNA based androids, along with the samples they had. 30 was the last and hopefully it will stay that way."

The wind rushed by faster and faster as the craft approached the target zone, soon they would shift through time to the future, 20 years from then. Mirai no Trunks let up on the propulsion, and the craft came to a halt. Some loose cargo banged around in the back and Trunks looked around behind himself, "I thought you tied everything down?"

"I thought I did. Oh well, we'll check it out when we unload, just get ready."

Trunks nodded to his companion and held on his chair arms and the craft prepared to shift forwards in time.

Mirai no Trunks flipped the cover off the red button and stared at it for a few moments, "I have a lock on the target zone." The console in front of him had a specific time period right down to the last millisecond, and a 32 digit map coordinate right below it. Mirai no Trunks' finger came down on the button and the craft was silent for a few seconds. A purple glow came over the ship as it hovered in mid-air, and the glowing turned to a brilliant flash as it began to shift into a different time period entirely.

* * * * *

"So that entire trip was for nothing?" Android 28 asked.
30 nodded.
"What about that annoyance Trunks?"
"If he returns, I plan to not toy with him anymore. The moment he presents himself to me, I shall be ready to kill him."

30 turned away from the console, only to hear an alarm sound from it a second later. He was angered obviously, one at the alarm and two the further disturbance to his ultimately rotten day.

"Garo, why did you alert me now?" 30 demanded, 28 walking to his side to view the console screen.

"I am sorry sir, but my sensors detected a rather large burst of energy coming from the mountains in 29's sector."

Android 30 was not pleased.
"He's returned so soon?" Android 28 asked.
"Soon for us, but he could have spent any amount of time in the past, and we have no way of knowing it. He could have spent a day to a year, to even a life time in the past doing who knows what."

Android 30 walked away from the console and across a catwalk leading to the main doors. He was walking towards his command center, where he could issue orders to every Android soldier under his command. Android 28 didn't follow him this time, she could tell when he was angered, and this was one of those times. As the head android left the repair bay, she too left, but took a different path towards the main entrance of the Red Ribbon Stronghold.

She walked down an endless set of corridors, but then she had a thought and stopped in her tracks. She turned his gaze to the left as she read the label on the door beside her. It said Brig, and she thought she would pay a little visit to the Stronghold's only prisoner.

The Brig had only a couple of cells, each one empty except for one in particular that held in elderly woman with white hair. In her youth the woman had placed it in a variety of different styles, but now it fell to the sides of her head plainly. She had a nice face, and you wouldn't even know how smart she truly was by looking at her.

Android 28 leaned against the wall, the android sentries that guarded the door looked like lifeless statue, and were only active if someone broke free of the tiny steel cells that made up the Brig. The young looking android spoke, "Well Buruma, it looks like this planet belongs to us now."

Buruma didn't looks at her android captor, and instead she stared at a wall, but she did respond with a, "Oh?"

"Yes, the time travel technology that you supplied us with has allowed Android 30 to travel back in time to kill you and your son in the past."

"Well it didn't work now did it? Because I'm still here." Buruma smiled slightly.

28 grinned, she was rarely mean, but she couldn't help herself at that moment, "Oh, and guess who traveled back in time to try and stop 30. That's right, your son from this time period, and guess what?" She smiled, "He was killed, that's right, 30 chopped his head off and blew his corpse to pieces."

"You're lying!" Buruma said, a tear streaming down her cheek.
"Would I lie to you?"
Buruma charged the bars and gripped them, she was angry at the Android and her taunting. She hoped the android was lying, but she had no way of knowing, and it enraged her. 28 turned on the power to the bars and an electric current knocked the elderly Buruma back onto her cell bed.

"Careful with those bars, my dear." 28 said turning around to leave the Brig, "We don't want to see you die just yet, now do we?"

Buruma said nothing, she was too upset.

* * * * *

Trunks had forgotten how sick he got after traveling through time, so he was quite a mess when the craft sent down on a rocky plateau in the mountains of the south. The cockpit door opened and Mirai no Trunks leapt out the door onto the slick rock surface. Trunks' legs were sort of wobbly so when he got out of the ship he slipped on the wet rock that the ship had touched down on.

"Saeris! Come out its me Trunks!" Mirai no Trunks shouted.
It was raining rather hard, and it was cold to match, so Trunks shivered slightly. The sky was gloomy and foreboding, and the clouds were a murky gray and black color that made the half Saiya-jin want to look away from them. Mirai no Trunks called again and for a moment there was nothing, but then suddenly a few people came flying over the ridge of the plateau.

There were three of them and Trunks ran over to his counterpart's side to greet them as they landed. It was easy to identify the leader Saeris, because he stood the tallest among them, and his ki was visibly stronger than the rest. Saeris dawned a green karate gi, and his hair was neatly trimmed and black, his boots were the same color as his hair and his eyes were nearly as green as his clothes.

"That was amazing, you were only gone a moment." Saeris said shaking the hand of his master.

"But for me a month has passed." Mirai no Trunks smiled.
"Who's your friend?"
"Gentlemen, this is... me, 20 years in the past." Mirai no Trunks announced to the others, introducing his younger self to the others.

"Is he as strong as you master?" Saeris asked in excitement.
"Almost as strong as me, we've been training, and we have some supplies."
Saeris and the others were overjoyed, and he turned around and whistled to the rest of the fighters that were hiding over the ridge. It wasn't long before nearly a hundred soldiers came bounding towards the time ship. Trunks watched in disbelief as a couple of them climbed into the ship and turned on the engines.

"What are they doing?" Mirai no Trunks asked cautiously.

Saeris responded, "We need to take the pod to the caves, we just detected black brigade heading this way, so we need to take shelter in the caves."

"Is Android 29 with them?"
"Most likely."
Trunks looked at the soldiers, some had strange looking guns on their backs, and others had nothing, but ragged clothing and dirty faces. They desperately needed supplies, and especially food to feed themselves and others with. Mirai no Trunks tapped him on the back, "Trunks, now is the time we see how much our training paid off. Android 29 is coming with his brigade, and with your help, he'll never leave these mountains in one piece."


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